Faculty of "Sport and Art"

Myrzabek Lesbek Alipuly

Dean of the faculty, candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent

Work phone: 6-10-13

Phone: 8702-344-26-15

Myrzabek Lesbek Alipovich was born on October 11, 1952 in Maktaaral district of the South Kazakhstan region. In 1973 he entered the Kazakh State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports in Almaty, in 1977 he graduated as a teacher of "Physical Education and Sports". In 1971-1972 he began his career as a primary school teacher at ін3 Kelintobe secondary school in Zhanakorgan district, Kyzylorda region. 1977-1996 He worked as a teacher of physical education at Zhetysai Humanitarian Pedagogical College. 1996–1998 between K.A. He worked as a teacher of physical education in Zhetysai branch of IKTU named after Yasawi.
1998–2012 From 2006 to 2010 he worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Culture and Sports at Syrdarya University. 1999-2007 From 2006 to 2006 he was the Dean of the Faculty of Correspondence Studies. Myrzabek Lesbek Alipuly is a candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, author of three scientific works, about 15 scientific articles have been published in international scientific-theoretical conferences and periodicals.

About the faculty
The Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports was established in 1998 as one of the first structural units of Syrdarya University.
Currently, the faculty has 15 highly qualified teaching staff: 1 doctor of sciences, professor, 7 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 7 masters of sciences. Professors and teachers are showing their new creative pursuits in the hectic environment of public life. They master new curricula, modern methods, implement research projects, annually publish textbooks, teaching aids, monographs and publish research articles in various journals. The material and technical base of the faculty, the potential of specialists meet the requirements of the state standard of compulsory education.
The mission and goal of the faculty for the preparation of future qualified, educated sports professionals have been determined. The mission of the faculty is to prepare qualified, honest, demanding, consumer-oriented, talented and mobile professionals. In order to strengthen the athletic achievements of students at the faculty, there are clubs for volleyball, football, basketball, freestyle wrestling, Kazakh wrestling, boxing, table tennis. Students of the faculty, who go in for volleyball, basketball, football, regularly participate in competitions at the district and regional levels and take prizes. The Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports is equipped with 2 gyms, 2 gyms and a sports ground "Nur-Daulet", wrestling and mini-football fields.

About the composition of the faculty
The faculty has 2 department: Department of "Physical Culture and Sport" and Department of "Аrts"

Educational programs
The Faculty trains specialists in the following educational programs:
1. 6B01401 - "Training of physical education teachers"

2. 6В01403-Training of teachers of drawing and art work

3. 6В02101-"Design"

4. 6В01402 - Training of music teachers

Educational program presentations (PDF)

Presentation of the educational program "6B01401-Training of physical education teachers"

Educational program "6В02101-Design"

Educational program "6В01403-Training of teachers of drawing and art work"

Educational program "6В01402 - Training of music teachers"

Other educational programs at the university

Other educational programs at the university

The university is actively working on the support and development of sports, sports clubs and circles, sports events are regularly held among students and teachers, for example, family competitions "Tolagai", competitions between faculties and departments. The following types of competitions are used: basketball, volleyball, minifootball, table tennis, chess, relay races, etc.




 Many athletes graduates have been successful in the national scale, for example:

  1. Mamedov is a 3-time winner of the highest league of the Republic of Kazakhstan in volleyball, team member "Kazgurt" volleyball;
  2. Chaktauova A. - master of sports, the champion of Kazakhstan tekvan-up;
  3. S Orynbaev. - The master of sports, the champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan in karate-do Shotokan.
  4. Aituganov Bolysbek S. and M. - 2-time champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the national sport Kokpar (Pavlodar, 2013 and Zhambyl, 2014)
  5. Syrdariya team volleyball team the winner of district and regional competitions.

 The university is actively working on support and development of sports, sports clubs and societies, holds regular sports activities among students and teachers, such as family events "Tolagay" competition between faculties and departments. As used types of competitions: basketball, volleyball, mini football, table tennis, chess, relays, etc ..

1. Educational-methodical complex in disciplines (2-3 disciplines)
2. An individual teacher's plan
3. Report of the department on research, research work
4. Documents on advanced training of teachers, including abroad
5. Information about the employment of graduates
6. List of teachers' publications
7. List of educational and methodological literature issued by the teaching staff
8. Practice agreements
9. Protocols of agreement with employers of elective disciplines
10. Report on international cooperation
11. Information on interaction with employers
12. Specialized rooms and laboratories of the educational program (name, purpose, equipment, needs)
13. Orders for the approval of theses of thesis, scientific advisers and reviewers
14. Graduate thesis
15. Plan of methodical work of the department
16. Plan of educational work of the department
17. Protocols of analysis of open classes



"6В01403-Training of teachers of drawing and art work"


"6В01402 - Training of music teachers"



Link to other documents


Videos. Material and technical base of the faculty.

1. Educational program "Design" https://youtu.be/8zcUTPoTE-4

2. Educational program for the training of teachers of arts and crafts https://youtu.be/Q032cAlHacY

3. Music Teacher Education Program https://youtu.be/YpqpbwPVy64

4. Promotional video about the faculty https://youtu.be/ikUBjmbPvw0

5. Promotional video about music education https://youtu.be/A66Kjxb8Bbw

6. Visual Arts and Design Promotional Video https://youtu.be/ViklETQwCOo

Mass media about the faculty and the department

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7 СЫР №13 (452) 06.04.2018. Адами капитал - білім саласын дамыту негізі. Сапарбаева Ұ.

7 СЫР №15 (454) 20.04.2018. Жетісайдың Нұрғисасы - Бөрі Иса. Қосан Ғ.

7 СЫР №15 (454) 20.04.2018. Ой танымымды жетілдірудемін. Піләл Ж.

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