Kopzhasarov Bagdat Maratuly

Head of Youth Department

⛳ Address: Zhetysay city, M. Auezov str., 11, room 73

✆ Phone: +7 775 603 15 15

✉ E-mail:

Objectives and tasks of the youth department:

  1. ensuring the implementation of the right of students to participate in the management of the university;
  2. promoting social protection of students;
  3. formation of students' self-management skills, preparing them to look at the life of society with competence and responsibility;
  4. formation of civic culture, active civic position of students, promotion of their social maturity, independence, self-organization and development;
  5. assist in the implementation of personal and professional qualities of students.

The youth department works in the following areas:

  1. Organization of activities aimed at implementing the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensuring social protection and legal protection of student youth;
  2. inculcation of patriotism, spiritual and morality in the minds of university youth;
  3. coordination of the work of self-government and interest-based clubs, public organizations of the university;
  4. organization of preventive measures against delinquency, corruption and religious extremism among students;
  5. organization of events promoting socio-political, moral, ethno-cultural and healthy lifestyles;
  6. reduction of the number of students who smoke among students, health-improving work to combat drug addiction;
  7. organization of events to raise the status of the state language in conjunction with the Department of Languages;
  8. organization of events aimed at promoting elements of cultural and creative worldview, respect for the older generation, moral and psychological relations.

The university pays special attention to the active life of students, their moral growth and the formation of self-government, education, intelligence, culture, morality.

The Student Youth Council carries out the main directions of educational work.
Student deans, selected from among the active students in each faculty, foster opportunities to further develop student talent in the general education system.

Since the founding of the Syrdariya University, various clubs have been opened to support art-loving, science-intensive and talented students.

Youth creativity is manifested in the performances of the Nazerke dance group and the Zhetysay Sazy orchestra of folk instruments.

Educational work on the social development of student youth is carried out according to the plan approved at the beginning of the year.

At the beginning of the year, in agreement with the deans of the faculties, student deans and student rectors are elected from the student youth.

The student management of the youth department includes student rector, student vice-rector, student deans.
The university has such student organizations as the President's Leaders volunteer organization, the Dostyk club, the Zhalyn discussion club, the KTK club, the Nazerke dance club and the Zhas Otan youth wing.

In addition, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, our university has such sports sections as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Boxing.

In order to develop the political activity of students in society, language skills at the university, a discussion club "Zhalyn" was created, the members of which were active youth. Debate club "Zhalyn" has achieved the best results in district and regional debates, glorifying the honor of our university.

"Syrdarіya team" - Zhaidarman's team, who performed at a high level in the "Zhaidarman" games, organized in 2014 by the Republican youth public association "KVN Union of Kazakhstan". 

The team got a ticket to the Republican Premier League and became the Premier League champion in 2015. 
In the first year of the Premier League, the team took 3rd place and became the champion of the championship for the prize of the akim of the South Kazakhstan region.

In 2016, the team took 2nd place in the Premier League again.
In 2017, the Syrdariуa team won two championship titles. She became the champion of the Premier League and the owner of the akim's cup of South Kazakhstan.

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