Department of "Native and foreign history"

Apasheva Sabira Nurbaevna

Head of department "Native and foreign history"

Candidate of historical sciences, docent

Phone: +7 701 370 97 91


The Department of History of the Fatherland and Abroad prepares specialists for the following educational programs:
bachelor's degree: 6В01601-History teacher training, 6В01506-Geography teacher training
Master's: 7M01601 - History Teacher Training

Teaching staff of the department "Domestic and Foreign History"
1. Apasheva Sabira Nurbaykyzy
2. Amantaeva Meruert Amangeldykyzy
3. Doshmanov Yeskendir Kiyatuly
4. Dosgaraeva Meruert Abdumalikovna
5. Ismayilova Kulayym Berdalievna
6. Isabekov Berik Dautbaevich
7. Zorzhanova Aisulu Asilovna
8. Kudaybergenova Aizhamal Ibragimkyzy
9. Kuandy Nazgul Zhulikyzy
10.Kozybay Abay Aralbekuly
11. Mamraimov Serik Dauletuly
12. Mamadiyarov Marat Duisenovich
13. Mamytov Medet Mamytuly
14. Meyirbekov Myrzabay Baltabaevich
15. Urazbayev Abdukarim Kendirbaevich
16. Tokmurzaev Bakyt Salmanovich
17. Turmanov Amangeldi Kaipovich
For students enrolled in the educational program 6В01601-Teachers of History, all conditions have been created for obtaining a quality education.
There are enough history textbooks in three modern libraries of the university.
The central reading room of the university, the halls of periodicals and electronic textbooks inspire students' creative inspiration, interest in learning and create favorable conditions for their in-depth knowledge.
The department has created a circle "Civilization" for students dealing with topical issues of historical science, local history. The circle is attended by students of 1-4 courses of the educational program "History". In the circle, students get acquainted with historical science, the general structure of historical research, methods and features of writing, working with archival resources, teaching scientific skills and abilities, such as the correct use of various written historical data in their scientific work.
We are proud that our graduates of the educational program "History" of the "Syrdariya" University work hard in all areas of the country and make a significant contribution to the development of the country. For example, Tapiev Bakhytzhan - works in the Ministry of Justice of the capital of Astana, Zhumabayeva Balnur - in the prosecutor's office of Astana. Kuanyshbekov Bekaris, Myrzantegi Margulan, Esenbekov Omar - work in the administration of the Maktaaral region.
Most of our graduates work in education. Among them are heads of educational institutions. For example, Bekzatov Bayankul - director of the school named after A. Zhangeldin, Abdigali Daurenbek - director of the school named after K. Amanzholov, Dekhkanov G. - director of the secondary school named after Tursyn Zady, Talenov Erbol - school Kazybek bi.
Our goal is to teach the students of Syrdariya University this educational program, which will never lose its importance, to educate them as educated and qualified historians, as citizens who will contribute to the development of the country and the stability of society.



1. Educational-methodical complex in disciplines (2-3 disciplines)
2. An individual teacher's plan
3. Report of the department on research, research work
4. Documents on advanced training of teachers, including abroad
5. Information about the employment of graduates
6. List of teachers' publications
7. List of educational and methodological literature issued by the teaching staff
8. Practice agreements
9. Protocols of agreement with employers of elective disciplines
10. Report on international cooperation
11. Information on interaction with employers
12. Specialized rooms and laboratories of the educational program 
13. Orders for the approval of theses of thesis, scientific advisers and reviewers
14. Graduate thesis
15. Plan of methodical work of the department
16. Plan of educational work of the department
17. Protocols of analysis of open classes

bachelor's degree: 6В01601-History teacher training

Master's: 7M01601 - History Teacher Training



1. Educational program "Training of teachers of history"

2. About the faculty "Philology and Humanities Education":

3. About the department "Domestic and foreign history":

A brief history of the faculty

The department "Native and foreign history" was established in September 1996.
In the entire history of the department name of the department was changed several times, for example, originally called the Department of "Pedagogy and social subjects".
In 1996-1997 the department was headed by Ph.D., associate Professor Karazhigitova K., then, from 1998 to 1999, PhD, docent Altayev O.A. From 1999 to 2002, the department was headed candidate of historical sciences Zharkynbayeva R.S., from 2003 to 2008 - doctor of historical sciences, professor Asylbekov M.H.
From 2004 to 2005 the department was called "History and Geography" and the department - "History" in 2005-2006.
From 2008 to 2011 the department called "Native and foreign history", and in 2011-2012 - "History and Geography".
Since September 2012 the head of the department became Meyirbekov M.B., in 2014 - docent Apasheva S.N.
Currently the department has 14 teachers, including 8 professors with advanced degrees - 2 professors, doctor of historical sciences, 6 candidates of sciences, docents, 1 assistant professor of the "Syrdariya" University, 1 master and 5 senior teachers.





Teaching staff of the department is actively working on research projects, these works are published in journals and in collections of conferences.
In 2014, on March 27-29 at the State University named "Korkyt-ata", Kyzylorda, took 6th Republican Subject Olympiad in the profession "5B011400 - History", in which our students received III - place. In 2015, the Republican Olympiad held 7 in State Pedagogical University, in which our students have been nominated. In the current 2016 State University "Taraz" took 8 Republican Olympiad, which was attended by our students and their work has been nominated as "Best research work." For students of all the conditions for obtaining high-quality knowledge, there are three libraries, electronic reading rooms that meet all the criteria of modern science, where you can find a lot of useful teaching materials.

Professors from foreign countries conduct classes for students, for example, a professor of German Walter Frazee held lectures for students and historians over the past two weeks.


Department staff, in particular, the National Academy of Sciences of RK, director of the Research Center "Archaeology", doctor of historical sciences, professor Asylbekov M.H., doctor of historical sciences, professor M. Eleuov, vice-rector of studies, candidate of historical sciences, Mamraimov S.D., head of Department of quality management, accreditation and monitoring Altybaeva A.A., candidate of historical sciences, docent S.N.Apasheva, head of studies, candidate of political sciences, docent R.S.Tazhitaeva, Ph.D., candidate of historical sciences, docent M.B.Meyirbekov and others.

Training rooms are provided with all the necessary facilities for independent research students and undergraduates. In connection with this scientific club of "Civilization" was established, the purpose of which is the study of the environment and the study of history. In the scientific club of participating students I-IV courses. The head of the research center is the master S.S.Taubaev students study history, common efforts are studying historical writings, their features, and also work with the historical findings, learn how to work with the finds. Every year students and their heads sent to the archaeological excavations, where they learn to properly handle the findings, to find historical information and learn to implement the lessons learned in their research.

Also worth noting is the work of the Department of the excavations carried out in the old town called "Uturtobe". This town is in Maktaaral area, 12 km northeast of the village "Utirtobe", on the left bank of the Syrdarya river. This historic city before one of the archaeologists did not study, the reason for this neighborhood Myrzashol, huge plot Maktaaral area.
City Uturly not entered in the Soviet Encyclopedia, the archaeological map of the Kazakh SSR and in other scientific publications, affecting information about this city. Currently, the problem of the city history professors of the department investigates S.N.Apashevoy, M.B.Meyrbekovym. Also, the history of the city Uturly developed and students under the direction of archaeologist, Director of the International Research Center Professor KN M.Eleuova. Under his leadership in 2004, 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2015 were carried out archaeological research in which significant results were obtained. As a result, the work done in the course of excavations, presentations at scientific conferences were made, as well as articles published in scientific journals.

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