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The mission of the University - training of innovation specialists, based on the integration of education, science and innovation in line with modern requirements of the Development Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The vision of the University - the entry in the top domestic and world leading universities in the preparation of competitive specialists-sheets for the innovation economy.

In the formation of the mission, goals and tasks of the university takes into account the program of socio-economic development Makhtaral district on 2015-2019 years, which is expressed:
- In the preparation of qualified specialists for the organization of education enterprises and organizations of the region, taking into account the specifics of their industry, etc .;
- In the formation and implementation of applied research, taking into account existing educational, economic, technical, environmental, legal and other problems Makhtaral region.

University governance system is subject to the laws "On Education", "On Science", the State Education Development Program of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 and provides for implementation of the adopted mission of the university. The current control system includes a certified Quality Management System and is characterized by the adoption of the following signs, control and performance management solutions: purposefulness, efficiency, collegiality, transparency, effectiveness.

To implement the mission, goals and objectives of the University are functioning educational-methodical management, 4 faculties, 11 departments who plan, organize and ensure the execution of works. The structural units of the University provide monitoring of the implementation of strategic plans and current activities of the university, the academic mobility of students and teachers, and others.
In order to improve corporate governance role of special attention is paid to the activities of the leadership of the University Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association.

The main indicators of the higher education institution activities include: human resources, training and scientific and methodical work, scientific research, material and social base, international cooperation.

In general, for the realization of the mission of the University leadership to optimize the organizational structure of the university with the aim of re-orientation to address the complex problems of the type of innovation, drawn up regulations on structural subdivisions and job descriptions for managers at all levels.

Revised planning system, taking into account external and internal risks, modernized system of integrated assessment PPP activities, departments and faculties.
The system of electronic document management, changes in the system of moral and material incentives for faculty and staff.

QMS documents, as well as domestic regulatory and methodological university documents used in the activities of the management of the university, located in the corporate email network on the university site and distributed in hard copy in the structural units.

In order to prepare the project's mission, goals and tasks of the university analyzed the main results of the activities of the university in recent years to identify the status and trends of, and the reasons for the successes and shortcomings in the work. Development of the mission, goals and tasks of the university was carried out by a working group consisting of the heads of structural divisions of the university.
The members of the working group were also studied the requirements of the University's mission and its formulation.

The project's mission, objectives and tasks of the university has been exposed to the university electronic network for information and extensive discussion in subdivisions.
In addition, in the departments of meetings were held with the participation of academics and educational support personnel, during which they discussed the mission, goals and objectives of the University.
Received comments and suggestions were discussed at the meeting of the Academic Council, after which the final versions were formulated.

August 28, 2014 at a meeting of the Academic Council of the University (protocol 1) mission, goals and objectives were adopted by the University.
In the development of the mission actively participated teachers, students, university staff. All divisions of meetings were held, devoted to the discussion of the mission. All comments and suggestions made during the meeting were taken into account by the working group with the mission of completing the final draft. The final version of the mission discussed and approved by the Academic Council. Mission text is posted on the stands in all academic buildings and the university website (www.sirdariya.kz).
Management and staff of the University great efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of educational, scientific, social and educational activities, as well as to further strengthen the credibility and image of the university and the achievement of their leadership in the educational environment of the South-Kazakhstan region and the country. Guided by the mission and vision of prospects, the University team has identified strategic goals and objectives aimed at improving its efficiency and institutional image.

As a fundamental strategic priorities identified following areas and objectives:
1: Ensuring educational activities and training of competitive personnel;
1.1.: professional training relevant to the needs of the domestic market and the requirements of international standards:
2: Scientific support of the priorities of the region and the country's economy and social sphere;
2.1: Satisfaction of demand and competitiveness of educational and innovative technologies on the basis of fundamental research necessary for innovative development of the region and the country;
3: Creation of conditions for the formation of qualities of the individual citizen, the patriot, the builder of the historical process as the main characteristics of human capital;
3.1: Education confident and competitive person having professional and social competence of the citizen and patriot

In order to ensure effective functioning of the national model of education, the University team performs the following tasks:

Strategic objectives:
1.1.1 Improving vocational education programs providing training competitive specialists for the region and the country as a whole;
1.1.2 Strengthening human potential of the university through the protection of theses, retraining and advanced training;
1.1.3 Development of the material-technical base of the university;
1.1.4 The use of modern quality control levers of educational services;
1.1.5 Training requirements and relevant UNESCO Lisbon Convention of the Bologna Process;
1.1.6 Implementation of the unity of education, science and industry.
2.1.1 Creation of a modern research infrastructure;
2.1.2 Further training of scientific personnel;
2.1.3 Improving the quality of research;
2.1.4 Maintenance of Fellows Information Facility;
3.1.1 Support for students participating in intrahigh vnevuzovskih and organizations;
3.1.2 Preparation of students for an active social life and improve their social competence;
3.1.3 Quality assurance measures to reduce social risk;
3.1.4 Improving the efficiency of youth actions in the implementation of youth policy.

The degree of achievement of goals is continually monitored, to take corrective and preventive actions mission, strategic goals and objectives reflected in the Development Strategy at the University 2014-2020y.
08.28.2014 approved, which includes activities, expected results, indicators, deadlines and serves as a fundamental document, in accordance with which the long-term, short-term and current planning of all major departments of the University. The document is replicated, there is in each structural unit and brought to the teachers and students of the university.

As part of its core mission today, the team directs the University of significant efforts to improve the quality of educational services. In determining the quality of education, as a basis for analysis of the quality of educational services received achievements of students, expressed in terms of performance.

In general, the university average absolute performance was as follows:
- For the 2010-2011 academic year amounted to -88%
- For the 2011-2012 academic year amounted to -89%
- For the 2012-2013 academic year was -92%
- For the 2013-2014 academic year was -94%.

In order to improve the quality of education the university administration pays great attention to the issues of employment of graduates. Indicators of job graduates testify to the high demand for them. The level of employment of graduates of part-one to 66-90%.

According to the statistics over the last 5 years average for the employment of graduates in the whole high school was 81%.

The main employer for university graduates is the Department of Education Maktaaral area. Every year, at the request Makhtaral district education department provides information on vacancies available in the area of education institutions for future employment of graduates. In addition, departments in conjunction with the issuing university departments conduct "job fair" share "With diploma to the village", the main purpose of which is to organize assistance to university graduates to find jobs and employers (heads of educational institutions) - in the selection of candidates for the existing vacancies.
The event invited representatives from the Department of Education Makhtaral district, heads of enterprises, organizations and school principals in the region. Graduates receive information about the staffing needs of the region, including in rural areas.
University Guide carefully analyze the information about the demand for training.

Annually updated quality objectives and collective objectives for the new school year. University since September 2010 actively cooperates with the Association of Universities of Kazakhstan.
September 23, 2011 was signed a bilateral agreement with the Association of Universities, on the basis of which the University generates its own fund of electronic library and sends monthly to the Association of Universities of electronic catalog of resources that are available online. As the number of electronic resources (6475 pcs.)
University in 2014, took 3rd place in the Republican Interuniversity electronic library.

List of electronic catalog of resources, scientific works of the faculty and all the information available on the electronic library of the University website (ko-sirdariya.kz).

The high level of teaching staff of the University of qualification is confirmed by the annual achievements in science and education, such as the winner of the grant "The best teacher of the university, faculty participation in national and international competitions, conferences, passing training abroad, etc. On increasing the effectiveness of student learning is evidenced by such facts as the participation and prizes at national competitions and contests.

The University provides students and staff with the opportunity to realize themselves through participation in a rich social and cultural life.
The University has all the necessary conditions for fruitful study, work and leisure. University students take an active part in various cultural and sports events. Creative University youth involved in various artistic circles such as KVN, "Skillful hands", "Circle Dance", "Pop singing", "Catwalk", "young artist" and others.
Along with artistic circles in the university function and sports clubs such as soccer, football, Kazakh Russian fight, volleyball, basketball, handball, table tennis, athletics.

Based on the success achieved by the university can be indicative of a properly chosen mission and effective system to maintain it.

Mission, strategic goals and objectives of the University are formulated based on the analysis of material, financial, human and intellectual resources, and the collective assessment of their feasibility. This took into account the dynamically changing requirements of modern production and the needs of both the regional and the national market of educational services.
To implement the mission, goals and objectives of the University there is sufficient information, telecommunication and library resources. So, all the structural units, directorates, computer classes and departments of the University connected to a local network via fiber optic cable, the connection speed is 100 MB / s.

The library fund is in excess of 334,900 copies of publications. It presents the educational, research, periodicals, books in electronic form on the educational, scientific, socio-economic, historical sciences, the richest collection of Russian and world literature in Kazakh, Russian, English and others Languages.
In addition to the basic training fund has a reference and bibliographic fund official, legal and regulatory publications. Coherence and effectiveness of the structural units and the university as a whole are determined by the high level of professionalism, mutual aid. A huge influence on the formation, development and maintenance of the quality of corporate culture and values of the university has a historical heritage of the university, the successes and achievements of the university, its leaders, scientists, students.

The main characteristics of the culture of quality and values ??of the University are:
- Focus on the implementation of the collective mission, strategic goals and implementation of the strategic objectives of the University;
- Stability and collective initiative, partnerships and business relations between departments, faculty, staff and students;
- High corporate culture, compliance with internal regulations, instructions and regulations necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the work;
- Awareness and ability of team members to the perception of innovative ideas and proposals, the desire to improve professional and managerial competencies;
- Observance of professional ethics members of the team, the formation of a positive image of the university, and respect for property and the values ??of the university;
- Continuous improvement of the quality of education, research and information services, the formation of partnerships with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, organizations and enterprises;
- Reliable and comprehensive assessment of professional activity, moral and material incentives for teaching staff activities;
- Development of the ability to take criticism, the cultivation of honesty, modesty, justice and other positive human qualities.

For further development of the quality and values ??of the University of Culture implemented the following measures:
- Developed and adopted basic documents regulating educational and methodical, scientific, educational processes and ensure the quality and high efficiency of the collective activity;
- Developed and adopted a "Code of university teacher and student honor" was approved at a meeting of the Academic Council, 1 Minutes 28. 08.2014y)
- It operates a university museum promotes the cultural and historical values ??and acquainting with the history and Medieval Myrzachulya "Utrtobe";
- Traditionally held national and international scientific conferences;
- Regular meetings are held with university graduates in order to maintain the continuity of generations;
- Organizes roundtables, seminars, meetings, discussions and debates on various issues of ethics, law, morality, and a healthy lifestyle in order to foster a comprehensively developed young generation.

Actions and measures for the further development of a culture of quality educational, research and educational process are reflected in the university's development strategy and included in the work plans of structural units.
The main sources of information about the mission, goals and objectives of the University and the degree of their achievement are materials about the activities of the University, presented in the media. The University regularly presents information about the services provided through the media, career guidance activities, Employment activities, television programs for independent evaluations and recognition.

For example, in 2013, the University celebrated its 15th anniversary. This event was covered by TV channels area, region, and the print media as the district, regional and national level: TV channels "Kazakhstan-Shymkent", "Otyrar", the newspaper "South Kazakhstan", "Southern Kazakhstan" "Ma?taaral", "Zhety Cheese" and others.
The university often hosts meetings with famous personalities of the country. At a high level were held and other cultural events. All the most interesting and worthy of them have been highlighted in the media. (Www.sirdariya.kz).

Evaluating the effectiveness of the mission, goals and tasks of the university is based on the basic indicators for monitoring (indicators) the quality and timing of planned activities. During each semester the analysis of the implementation of key performance indicators of all university or its major divisions, which are compared to their planned levels, as well as the data in the guidance and regulatory documents MES.
Assess risks, the possibility of efficient use of resources, planned CELEBRATION-ment to improve the indicators of university activity. Correction, addition and updating of the mission, goals and objectives of the university is carried out in accordance with changes in the external and internal environment, as well as taking into account new laws and regulations and policy documents adopted in the field of education and science. The changes get reflected in the corresponding work plans in the whole university and its structural divisions. The development strategy of the university on 2014-2020y.
Is a conceptual document defining the term of formation of the university of innovative type, focused on creating an academic environment in which the new generation of professional preparation, profile, competence and qualifications which allow to be competitive and meet all the requirements of the labor market.

The normative basis for development of University Development Strategy were the Strategic Plan of Development of Kazakhstan till 2020, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 1, 2010. # 922, the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2015, approved by the Government Resolution of 19 January 2012. 131 "Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050 ": a new policy established state".

After analyzing the results of implementation of the Strategy for the Development of the University at 2011-2014. It was presented the draft Strategic Development Plan for 2014-2020, aimed at the implementation of the goals and objectives of the national education system and the development of the region corresponding to the available resources, determining the long-term priorities of the university as a leading educational center in the region. With this project were introduced to heads of departments and staff of the University as well as students who took an active part in the discussion.
Taking into account the opinion of the University staff, as well as the ongoing and unmet goals was adopted Strategic Plan of the University for 2014-2020 and designated the mission, goals and objectives of the University (1 Minutes 28.08.14y. Academic Council).
On the basis of target indicators and indicators describing the level of achievement of the University's development strategy plans developed.

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