"The character of each person is the engine of his essence" - this is how Baurzhan Momyshuly described the meaning of this mysterious word, who told the secret of our success in the cycle of our life, opens his eyes to wonderful thoughts. 
In fact, every step we take towards a brighter future is fraught with difficulties and difficulties. Just as the fast-paced runner does not abandon his opponent in the race, he is on the mission of nature when he is born and proves his speed as a tulpar. As our Baurzhan Momyshuly said, the only horse in this race is character. We will not be able to find the answer if we do not see in our character that we are wasting our life, which, like a whip, drags along the race. For this, our hero must be right, - in one word the hero says.
 "Character is the ambiguity of thinking" - yes, thinking is the force that determines who you were yesterday, who you are today, who you will be tomorrow. If this is not the case, then perhaps a rude awakening awaits us. And immorality is forgetting the country's debt, ignoring the country's interests. Probably, this is confirmed by the words of the famous Alikhan Bokeikhanov "Serving the people not by knowledge, but by character".


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