Office Registrar

Janaeva Ainur

Head of department, Master

Phone: 6-14-03
Cell: 8702-984-55-07

In the Office registrar department has 3 registrar and 1 programmer responsible for each faculty:
1. Berkinov Erlan Sabitovich - programmer of the automated information system Platonus
2. Agaidarov Erlan Seitkhanuly - Manager
3. Shohanov Doskhan Akhmetovich - registrar
4. Ermek Bakdaulet Sabituly - registrar


In 2008, in accordance with the "Rules of the organization of educational process on credit technology" registration entire history of educational achievements of students engaged in all kinds of knowledge and control of the organization and provision of settlements in the university academic rating of "Syrdariya" began its work department office registrar.

The purpose of the department is to register all the details of the academic achievements of students.

 The main objectives of the department:
- Makes the registration of students in the academic disciplines;
- Forms of academic groups and streams;
- Registers in the prescribed manner an individual educational plans for students;
- Organizes and conducts interim and final assessment of students;
- Calculates the academic ranking of students;
- Keeps records of credits students mastered during the training period and for the entire period of study;
- Writes a transcript of students;

In order to meet the credit requirements of the educational process at the university used the automated information system "PLATONUS".

The program allows to automate the learning process, to organize distance learning in accordance with the requirements.
Monitoring of student's academic achievements is carried out in accordance with the schedule of control activities of the Registration Office for the academic year.

The program has a centralized information system that defines all the systems and objectives of the university.

The "Platonus" includes information about the educational process of our university.

Students know their grades through their personal account (login, password), and parents have the opportunity to know all the information.

Control measures of educational achievements of students is conducted in accordance with the schedule of the academic year, the Office of the Registrar.


1. Academic calendar. The schedule of full-time and distance learning of the "Syrdarya" University for the 2020-2021 academic year.

2. Academic calendar. The schedule of the educational process of the University of "Syrdarya" for the 2020-2021 academic year by evening, part-time study.

3. Students Guide-books
4. Provisions for monitoring students' progress, interim and final certification
5. Terms conversion ECTS credits
6. Terms of Advisors
7. The application for the summer semester
8. Statement by the student at the choice of disciplines
9. The procedure for selecting an individual educational trajectory of students