There are 5 faculties at the University "Syrdariya". All Faculties carried professional training in different specialties. Each faculty is an educational methodology and administrative research unit of the University, prepares students and masters in one or more specialties.

Faculty headed by a dean, who is elected by the Academic Council of the University from the most qualified and respected professionals with an academic degree or rank.

1. The Faculty of "Philology and humanitary education"

  1. Department "Pedagogy and Psychology"
  2. Department "Educational technology"
  3. Department "Foreign languages"
  4. Department "Native and foreign history"
  5. Department "Philology"

2. The Faculty of "Natural sciences"

  1. Department "Software"
  2. Department of "Higher Mathematics and Physics"
  3. Department of "Natural science"

3. The Faculty of "Design and Art"

  1. Department of "Art and Design"
  2. Department of "Music education"

4. The Faculty of "Physical education and Sport"

  1. Department of "Physical Culture and Sport"

5. The Faculty of Law, Economics and Distance Learning

1. Department "Economics and Law"