Department of "Physical Culture and Sports"

Halmuhamedov Rustam Dekanovich

Head of Department, candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent


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Catalog of elective subjects (modules)

Brief history of the department

The department of "Physical Culture and Sports" prepares specialists for the educational program 6B01401 - Training of physical education teachers.

The following specialists worked at the department: Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor O.A. Ayashev, master of sports S.A.Kuanyshev, candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor P.I.Donchenko.
They have made a great contribution to improving sports achievements and strengthening the department.
There are several sports clubs at the department that improve the sports achievements of students: table tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling and handball.
Volleyball, basketball and football teams of "Syrdariya" regularly win prizes at various competitions.

The department employs qualified specialists with high scientific potential. As a result of the services of qualified specialists, it has successfully passed the specialized accreditation of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.
The mission and purpose of the department are defined in order to train future qualified, educated sports professionals.
The mission of the department is to train qualified, honest, demanding, self-motivated, able-bodied, mobile specialists who are committed to the consumer market.
The department has several sports clubs to improve their sports achievements: table tennis, freestyle wrestling, basketball, volleyball, football, Kazakh wrestling, handball. Volleyball, basketball and football teams "Syrdarya" win prizes in regional and district competitions of various sizes.
There is a special circle "Professional Athlete" at the department.
For more than 20 years, more than 2,350 graduates of the Physical Education Teacher Training Program have graduated. More than 420 of them studied on the basis of state grants. Currently, about 10 graduates are principals of secondary schools, and more than 25 are deputy principals. Other graduates work as coaches and teachers in sports schools, district sports departments and secondary schools.
Our students Mamedov Mamed Sultanoglu is a forward of volleyball team "Dynamo Kazygurt", 5 times winner of the republic, police officer of Makhtaral district Asabaev Elaman Abdymomunovich is a multiple winner of volleyball district and region, Bolysbek Meirbek and Aituganov Shynbolat are sportsmen of RK.

The Department of Physical Culture and Sport actively participates in district and regional public works.
Associate Professor B.A.Turebekov conducts studies to prove the effectiveness of the three-hour experience of "physical culture" in schools of district and secondary schools of the republics of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
In addition, the senior lecturer of the department E.A.Kylyshev conducted research work on maximum physical education of children and adolescents, working at the Kirov State University named after I.Arabaev.
Research work not only does not stop, but also develops at the international level.
Specialty students often organize online conferences with the Tajik Pedagogical Institute in Penjikent, as well as with the Dostaev State University of Omsk of the Russian Federation, as well as with the Tashkent Institute of Physics and Mathematics.

The faculty of physical culture and sports employs 21 professors. Among them are 1 doctor of science, 9 candidates of science, 8 masters of science, 2 associate professors and 1 teacher.

Areas of the conducted research work of the department "Physical culture and sport":
1. New scientific directions and ways of developing mass sports, improving the technology of psychological training of athletes.
2. Realization of effective ways of mass sports development
The department has a special circle "Professional athlete".

The list of audiences and playgrounds of the department "Physical Culture and Sport" (volume)

Open sports area "Nurdaulet"

645 м2

Sports Hall

515 м2

Outdoor sports ground

690 м2

Wrestling Hall

83,3 м2

Methodical office

18,5 м2


86 м2

Sports games (audience)

33 м2

Olympic education (audience)

43 м2


Theory and methods of physical culture and sports (audience)

The department has highly qualified, highly qualified specialists.
As a result of qualified personnel services, in April 2016, the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance of Kazakhstan to ensure the quality of education successfully passed a special accreditation for five years.


The national volleyball team "Syrdariуa" taking part in various regional and regional competitions.

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