Faculty of "Design and Arts"

Saparbayeva Uldanay Alibekovna

Acting Dean of the Faculty, Senior Lecturer

Phone: 8 (72534) 6-12-52
Whats App: 8701-330-98-52
E-mail: uldana.taxa@mail.ru

The faculty consists of five chairs: Department of "Arts"

The Faculty prepares specialists in the following Educational program:
1. 6B01402 - Training of music teachers
2. 6В01403 - Training of teachers of drawing and art work
3. 6В02101 - Design

History of faculty

Faculty "Art" was opened in 2003. The faculty consists of faculty "Pedagogy", "Music education" and "Fine arts and drawing".
The head of of the Faculty has been a senior lecturer Ashimova Meruert.
In 2005, the faculty was called "Psychology and Economics", it consisted of the department of "Economy", "Music and Singing" and "Fine arts and drawing", led by the Dean of the Faculty of Baimakhanov Kenzhemyrza.

In 2006, the department was renamed the "Culture and Sport", it was composed of faculty "Physical culture and sport", "Music education" and "Art and Design". The dean of the faculty was PhD Myrzabek Lesbekov.
In 2007, the Department "Culture and Sport" was renamed the Faculty of "Art" and was renamed in 2008 in "Art", ran the faculty PhD Bolysbaev D.S.
In 2009, the faculty was called "Vocational Education and Art", ruled the Department Associate Professor Saparbayev W.
Since 2014 the Faculty was renamed the Faculty of "Creativity and new technologies."

The faculty has 35 scientific-pedagogical personnel, including 2 professors, 1 doctor of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences and 8 associate professors, 6 senior lecturers and 9 teachers who teach classes with the youth.
At the disposal of the faculty are 2 lecture halls, 25 classrooms, 11 private rooms, 4 cabinet cathedral and 2 scientific school office.
The dean of the Faculty, and three departments are 8 PCs.


Educational program presentations (PDF)

Educational program "6В02101-Design"

Educational program "6В01403-Training of teachers of drawing and art work"

Educational program "6В01402 - Training of music teachers"

Other educational programs at the university

Other educational programs at the university

1. Educational-methodical complex in disciplines (2-3 disciplines)
2. An individual teacher's plan
3. Report of the department on research, research work
4. Documents on advanced training of teachers, including abroad
5. Information about the employment of graduates
6. List of teachers' publications
7. List of educational and methodological literature issued by the teaching staff
8. Practice agreements
9. Protocols of agreement with employers of elective disciplines
10. Report on international cooperation
11. Information on interaction with employers
12. Specialized rooms and laboratories of the educational program (name, purpose, equipment, needs)
13. Orders for the approval of theses of thesis, scientific advisers and reviewers
14. Graduate thesis
15. Plan of methodical work of the department
16. Plan of educational work of the department
17. Protocols of analysis of open classes



"6В01403-Training of teachers of drawing and art work"


"6В01402 - Training of music teachers"



Link to other documents


Videos. Material and technical base of the faculty.

1. Educational program "Design" https://youtu.be/8zcUTPoTE-4

2. Educational program for the training of teachers of arts and crafts https://youtu.be/Q032cAlHacY

3. Music Teacher Education Program https://youtu.be/YpqpbwPVy64

4. Promotional video about the faculty https://youtu.be/ikUBjmbPvw0

5. Promotional video about music education https://youtu.be/A66Kjxb8Bbw

6. Visual Arts and Design Promotional Video https://youtu.be/ViklETQwCOo


Mass media about the faculty and the department

7 СЫР №13 (452) 06.04.2018. "Музыкалық білім" кафедрасында. Алимова А.

7 СЫР №13 (452) 06.04.2018. Адами капитал - білім саласын дамыту негізі. Сапарбаева Ұ.

7 СЫР №15 (454) 20.04.2018. Жетісайдың Нұрғисасы - Бөрі Иса. Қосан Ғ.

7 СЫР №15 (454) 20.04.2018. Ой танымымды жетілдірудемін. Піләл Ж.



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