Department of Mathematics and Physics

Joldasov Sazakhan Amanovich

Head of the Chair, Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent

Phone: +7 701 278 98 86


The Department of Higher Mathematics and Physics prepares specialists for the following educational programs:
1. 6В01501-Training of teachers of mathematics
2. 6В01502-Training of teachers of physics.

About 50% of teachers of physics and mathematics of secondary schools in Myrzashol region are graduates of our faculty.

The faculty of the department participate in scientific and practical conferences at the international and republican levels, regularly publish research articles and educational materials in scientific journals.

The teaching staff of the department prepares and publishes textbooks, teaching aids in accordance with the publication plan, annually replenishes the fund of the university library.

The level of methodological support of the educational process in the educational programs prepared by the department meets the modern requirements for improving the quality of education.
The department is equipped with modern computer labs, interactive whiteboards connected to the Internet.

The laboratory for the study of mechanics and molecular physics is equipped with the necessary equipment for conducting experiments, laboratory work to determine the acceleration of gravity using the Atwood machine and to determine the angles between forces.

In the classroom, students freely practice the laws of electricity and voltage and conduct research in their field. The educational process is provided with all the necessary educational and methodological materials, textbooks and literature.

The staff of the department conducts research in the field of "Boundary value problems for mixed and mixed equations and their spectral problems".

Department history

The department was founded in September 1998 and was then called the Department "Mathematics and Informatics". Head of the department is a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Joldasov Sazakhan. At the department has work specialists such as c.t.s. Zholdasov S.A., d.f.-m.s. Shinibaev M., c.t.s., docent Zhanabaev Z., c.f.-m.s., docent Karasheva G., c.t.s., docent Berdaliev E.B., k.f.-m.s. Kadyrkulov B., k.f.-m.s. Karimov E.


Teaching staff of department regularly engaged in scientific research work, actively participates in actual international and national scientific conferences, develops necessary for the educational process syllabuses, lecture notes, electronic textbooks, teaching materaly for SRSP and self-control students.

Since 2006 the department prepares specialists in speciality 6N 010900 - Master of Mathematics.
Working training plan of this specialty corresponds to the model program of state standard.

Methodology of training provided with all necessary training and methodical documents, books, textbooks and literature.

Teaching staff of department is working on a contract basis.

Department works on credit technology beginning with the 2004-2005 academic year.

Basic knowledge of all teachers corresponds to teaching disciplines.




1. Educational-methodical complex in disciplines (2-3 disciplines)
2. An individual teacher's plan
3. Report of the department on research, research work
4. Documents on advanced training of teachers, including abroad
5. Information about the employment of graduates
6. List of teachers' publications
7. List of educational and methodological literature issued by the teaching staff
8. Practice agreements
9. Protocols of agreement with employers of elective disciplines
10. Report on international cooperation
11. Information on interaction with employers
12. Specialized rooms and laboratories of the educational program (name, purpose, equipment, needs)
13. Orders for the approval of theses of thesis, scientific advisers and reviewers
14. Graduate thesis
15. Plan of methodical work of the department
16. Plan of educational work of the department
17. Protocols of analysis of open classes

1. 6В01501-Training of teachers of mathematics

2. 6В01502-Training of teachers of physics



1. Educational Program Math Teacher Training
2. About the Department of "Science of Natural Science":
3. About the Department of Higher Mathematics and Physics:

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