Department of Philology

Nurbek Murat Anarbayuly

PhD, senior teacher


Phone: +7 701 460 68 67


The Department of Philology trains specialists in the following educational programs:
Undergraduate programs:
1.6В01701-Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
2. 6В03201- "Librarianship"
Master's program: 7M01701 - Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature.
The department mainly trains teachers, researchers for the educational program "Kazakh language and literature", librarians for the educational program "Librarianship".

The classrooms of the department "Kazakh language and literature" are equipped with visual aids, interactive whiteboards, modern furniture in the field of Kazakh linguistics and literary criticism.

The teaching staff of the department conducts research in the field of modern Kazakh linguistics and literary criticism.
Our graduates work throughout Kazakhstan.

Akbayan Saparbay, producer and presenter of the program "Zhan Zhyluy" of the TV channel "Kazakhstan", Nurlan Yessentaev, teacher of the Kazakh language and literature at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology, Ayagul Mantaeva, correspondent of the newspaper "Kazakh Adebieti", Daniyar, correspondent of the republican TV channel "Astana" Asilbek Kurbanovich, editor of the public TV channel "Sanur TV", Satuov Bekbolat Shazillaevich, correspondent of the public TV channel "Sanur TV" Kulsha Allabergen Duisenbaevich and others.
By the way, students take part in various competitions and win prizes.

Students of the educational program "Kazakh language and literature" D. Shirinova, U. Fatullayeva, M. Dodozhanova - the winners of the "Abay readings", "Baurzhan readings", Duzel Marat, Nurseit Abzhan are the winners of the literary season as active participants of the KVN "Syrdariуa".

The staff of the department "Kazakh language and literature" is doing a lot of work on the preparation of qualified specialists working in the field of education, science, culture, higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



1. Educational-methodical complex in disciplines (2-3 disciplines)
2. An individual teacher's plan
3. Report of the department on research, research work
4. Documents on advanced training of teachers, including abroad
5. Information about the employment of graduates
6. List of teachers' publications
7. List of educational and methodological literature issued by the teaching staff
8. Practice agreements
9. Protocols of agreement with employers of elective disciplines
10. Report on international cooperation
11. Information on interaction with employers
12. Specialized rooms and laboratories of the educational program 
13. Orders for the approval of theses of thesis, scientific advisers and reviewers
14. Graduate thesis
15. Plan of methodical work of the department
16. Plan of educational work of the department
17. Protocols of analysis of open classes

1.6В01701-Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature

2. 6В03201- "Librarianship"



1. Educational program "Kazakh language and literature"

2. About the faculty "Philology and Humanities Education":

3. About the department "Philology":


A brief history of the faculty

On department work 10 qualified teachers and scientists: doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor A.Zhapbarov, candidate of philological sciences, docents - Zhidebaev K., L.Abenova, Bekmyrza S., M.Beisenova and masters - A.Baibolova, M.Nurbek, Sh.Kalybekova, Raeeva G., B.Abshenova.


Classrooms of the department are provided with all the necessary technical equipment, teaching and learning materials, research monographs, fiction, including in electronic form.
Teachers of the department conduct scientific activities in the field of modern trends of research in linguistics and literary studies, according to the credit system of education.
In order to deepen knowledge for future specialists to organize special courses.
Under the guidance of teachers of the department students conduct research and creative work.
For example, for the development of students 'horizons to organize such research activities as "Abaytanu", "Tіltanym" Readers' Conference "and others.

Teaching staff of the department participates in a variety of categories associated with the scope of "Kazakh language and literature".
So, in 2005, Head of the Department, docent Zhidebay K. was awarded the honorary title of Education and Science Ministry "Dear employee of RK Education" in 2013 L.U.Abenova awarded the title of "Best Teacher University "Syrdariya", in 2014 "Excellence in education".
Students of specialty "Kazakh language and literature" D.Shirinova, U.Fatullaeva, M.Dodozhanova are the winners of the literary competition "Reading Abay" and "Reading Baurzhan". Students Duzel Marat, Nurseit Abzhan are active members and winners KVN team "Syrdariya".

Student of specialty "Kazakh language and literature" Sauletova Gauhartas on behalf of the University took part in a regional beauty contest "Miss Maktaral district in 2016".
Kazakh language and literature - a mirror of the nation, the future of the nation.

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