Dear teacher!

“Kazakhs are teachers of the same blood and soul. If the children of six alashes gather to assess the epoch of awakening of the country for a few years, the honorable place belongs to the teachers ", - said the genius Kazakh poet Magzhan Zhumabayev.
Isn't a teacher the one who sows the seeds of knowledge and sows the seeds of morality in his disciples?
What a joy to be a teacher!…

The best of all miracles is a well-mannered person. And a good teacher is a teacher. We respect and obey our teachers.
Teachers who are masters of their craft, who shine a light on their students, who are happy in life, and who want to make others happy, have different names and paths.

In this way, our dear teachers are not only the pride of their students, but the pride of the whole country!
 We sincerely thank you for your hard work in educating the next generation and congratulate you on Teacher's Day!

I wish your family well-being and good health!