An educational institution that combines training and education

7 Syr, Republican socio-political newspaper, № 23 (23) 12.06.2009 year, 7 page

“Syrdariya” University is a fundamental educational institution in the extreme south of the country.

Ten years have passed since its foundation. The specialists trained by the university successfully work in various sectors of the economy. The university pays special attention not only to the educational process, but also to educational work.

Created in September 2008, the Committee for Youth Affairs created: a club of poets "Shabyt", a club of KVN, a discussion club "Myrzashol", a student ombudsman, a sports club for gifted students. At present, pupils of these clubs and circles demonstrate their abilities and win in various regional competitions.

In addition, university youth actively participates in events organized by the Zhas Otan Youth Wing of the Nur Otan PDP and the Maktaaral Zhastary Youth Public Association, and constantly proves that they are patriotic citizens of the fundamental country.

Among the Turkic peoples there is a saying: "Education without upbringing does not bear fruit." Undoubtedly, educated and respectful, well-mannered and qualified specialists are needed everywhere.

Discussions, round tables, polls are constantly held on the following topics: "Responsibilities of a citizen of Kazakhstan", "Healthy body and soul", "Civic leadership", "What are the social problems of youth?".

The leadership and support of the proper education of young people is provided by the President of the University, Mrs. E. Ayasheva. Our wise ancestors said: "If there is no country called my child, where will the child of my country come from?" Only if we can combine education and upbringing in the deepest channel of knowledge, we will be able to form a conscientious citizen and quality education.

Let's work together on this path.

B. TASZHANOV, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs

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