Dear Applicant 2020 !

Syrdariya University invites applicants for the 2020-2021 academic year in the following forms of study: full-time, using distance learning technologies accelerated (3 years) technical and professional, after secondary education (college), shortened (2 years) by basis of higher education.


Syrdariya University has an online center for helping applicants.

You can get answers to all questions on the rules of UNT and educational programs.

Center Address:
Zhetysay city, M. Auezov street №14

Contact phone numbers:
8 (72534) 6-27-85, 8 702 932 48 57

Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee:Tokmurzayev Bakyt Salmanuly

Unified National Testing

For graduates of the previous year’s secondary education organizations, graduates of technical, vocational or secondary education organizations

Undergraduate Education Programs:
  1. 6В01101-"Pedagogy and psychology"
  2. 6В01201-"Pre-school education and educational pedagogy"
  3. 6В01301-"Pedagogy and methods of primary education"
  4. 6В01401-Physical education teacher training
  5. 6В01402-Music teacher training
  6. 6В01403-Training of teachers of drawing and art work
  7. 6В01501-Math teacher training
  8. 6В01502-Physics teacher training
  9. 6В01503-Computer teacher training
  10. 6В01504-Chemistry teacher training
  11. 6В01505-Biology teacher training
  12. 6В01506-Geography teacher training
  13. 6В01507-Teacher training in chemistry and biology
  14. 6В01509-Training teachers of geography and history
  15. 6B01601-Preparing History Teachers
  16. 6В01701-Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
  17. 6В01702-Training of teachers of a foreign language: two foreign languages
  18. 6В01703-Training of teachers of the Russian language
  19. 6В02101-"Design"
  20. 6B03201-"Librarianship"
  21. 6B04101-"Accounting and Auditing"
  22. 6B04102-"Finance"
  23. 6B04103-"Economics"
  24. 6B04201-"Jurisprudence"
  25. 6В05101-"Biology"
  26. 6В06101-"Computers and software"
  27. 6В06102-"Computer Science"

Master's degree programs:

  1. 7М01101-Ppedagogy and psychology
  2. 7М01301-Pre-school education and educational pedagogy
  3. 7M01601-Training of history educators
  4. 7M01701-Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
  5. 7M01702-Training of teachers of a foreign language: two foreign languages
  6. 7M04101- "Economics"













Payment for education is made in cash or by bank transfer.
Documents are accepted after making payment or receipt of money to the account of the university
forms and terms of education
Daytime department 4-5 years. Correspondence department: for those with secondary education - 4 years, 5 years;
for people with higher or secondary vocational education and training in an accelerated program - 2 years, 3 years.
Contact information, Admissions Committee (address, phone)

Complete information on the conditions of admission to a university can be obtained selection committee of "Syrdariya" university at:
Turkistan region, Zhetysay city, Auezov street, 12;
Phone: 8 (72534) 6-27-85, 6-10-51, 6-14-63, 8-701-749-57-86.
Executive secretary of the selection committee is Shegenbaev Nurkasym Beisenbaevich

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