At the Department of Musical Education

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The Department of Music Education is excellent in teaching innovative, creative, highly cultured, curious scientists, sensitive psychologists, hardworking, spiritually and artistically rich scientists.

The Department of Music Education, opened at a university with a 20-year history, prepares specialists in the field of the musical culture of our people, as well as knowledge of the native language, traditions, customs and history in order to become a cultural and intelligent citizen of an independent country.

Our hardworking professors and teachers, culture worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, associate professor Bori Isa, culture worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, senior teachers Beysebaeva R.Zh., Mazhimbekov S.A., Saparkulov S.Kh., candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Utesheva A.Zh., candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teachers Mamirov K., Utemuratova BS, senior teachers, masters of science - Alimova A.Sh., Karakushikova G.Zh., masters of science Manapov A., Kosan G., Abdukhalikov K.D. , senior teachers - OP Pushpanov, TS Avgustanovich, accompanist Yu.I. Kuzhakhmetov.

Head of the Department, associate professor Bori Isa "Honorary Worker of Education" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of the bronze medal of A.Baitursynov from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of the state sign of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "20 years of the Constitution of Kazakhstan", has commemorative badges "25 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan", senior lecturer of the department, cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan S.Kh.Saparkulov.

In accordance with the requirements of modern education, the teaching staff of the department of Music Education conducts research and methodological work in the field of music education and musicology. The songs of associate professor Bori Isa "Altyn aimak mekenim", scores "Zhideli baysin", "Merekelik kui" for the dombra ensemble, "Nauryz toi" for the symphony orchestra are published and widely used in the educational process.

Employees of the department of Music Education make every effort to train qualified specialists and future singers and musicians working in the field of education and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All teachers of the department are engaged in creativity and are laureates of republican, international and regional festivals of various levels. In particular, associate professor Boris Isa is a cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Saparkulov S.Kh. - laureate of several republican competitions, associate professor G.Zh. Karakushikova - laureate of the republican festival "Almaly-98", master of natural sciences, teacher.

Abdukhalikov Kurmangazy is a multiple laureate of republican, regional, district competitions, the main prize-winner of the "Competition of traditional performers named after Sugir", laureate of the first place in the regional competition of kuishi named after B.Ryspanbetov, master of science, teacher, graduate of regional and regional competitions Kosan Gabit.

The Zhetysai sazy Folk Instruments Orchestra under the direction of associate professor Bori Isa received the main prize of the Swan festival in the Ordabasy region on the eve of the 80th anniversary of Nurgisa Tlendiev, the main prize of the national art festival "Pride of Makhtaral-2005" as part of the "Year of the Village".

The orchestra of folk instruments "Zhetysay Sazy" contributes to the creative work of students. In addition, some of our students are members of the orchestra.

Music education graduates work well in all regions of the country and fulfill the tasks assigned to the music teacher with honor.

Akhtanova Saltanat Kobeibekovna - candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge, graduated from the Eurasian National University, Darmensheeva Ainur Anarbekovna - director of the children's music school of Maktaaral district, Saparbayeva Svetlana Kuatbekovna, Akhmetov Birlikhan and Shamsullin Malik technical colleges named after Muratbaev, Motieva Akmaral Kozhakhmetovna - kobyzist of the regional philharmonic society from Aktau, singer of the regional philharmonic society.

Orynbasar Meirman is a student of the specialty "Music Education", a graduate of the VII Republican Subject Olympiad named after I.Zhansugurov at Taldykorgan State University in 2015, as well as improving his knowledge in the field of academic mobility at the South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University.

4th year students of the Muz-14 group, Sayfuddinov Zhanabay, Boranbaev Bekzat are the winners of the republican fun games "Zhaidarman" in 2017, active members of the "Syrdariya" team.

3rd year student Askar Azamatbek became a laureate of the regional competition "Aray-2018" and got a ticket to the regional competition. Amanbaev Omanbek, a freshman of the Muz-17 group, also took 3rd place in the Arai-2018 competition. Today's life of the department, which trains masters of art, is rich in achievements.


Aisara ALIMOVA, Senior Lecturer, Master, Department of Music Education


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