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Every citizen of Kazakhstan must understand the essence of the Message, its significance for the prosperity of our country.

In this regard, the “Syrdariya” University, located in Zhetysai, became one of the first universities to hold an international scientific and practical conference "Message - 2019 - a new stage of social modernization and prosperity." The aim was to organize constructive dialogue and open dialogue between scientists and youth.

“Syrdariya” University was founded in 1997. Since then, the university has made great strides in education. This is evidenced by the fact that the university ranks 16th among the country's universities.

President of the University Serik Onalbayuly:

(Our main feature is that our university educates not only the youth of this region, we also educate our compatriots from neighboring countries, as well as people of other nationalities. ...)

The President did not neglect the youth, maintaining the continuity of the President's policy, which declared 2019 the Year of Youth. Today's appeal opens a bright path for young specialists taught at the “Syrdariya” University. It is true that the youth is the leading force in promoting the development of society.


Lazzat Abenova, Scientific Secretary of "Syrdariya" University, Candidate of Philology:

(In his message, the President proposes five main directions. All of them are in the minds of people ... and this is not mentioned in the message. It is conducted as a dialogue with people, and issues are resolved ...)

The conference was attended by the heads of many well-known universities in the country. During the meeting, some of them exchanged agreements with students and signed agreements on education.


Bakhyt Zhautikov - Rector of the Karaganda State Industrial University:

(We got to know the university. Both laboratories and classrooms are good. Everything is modern. Now we have signed a contract. Now the students of “Syrdariya” University will study in our Temurtau ...)

Many issues were discussed during the conference and discussed at breakout sessions. Some of them even sparked debate and became the subject of future scientific topics.


Link: ONTUSTIK TV channel http://shymkenttv.kz/kz/news/society_public/zholdau-zhene-zhastar-1



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