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“Syrdariya” University, located in the southernmost part of the country, on the land of Zhidelibay, on the border with Uzbekistan, is one of the first universities in the country to discuss your first message to the nation "Critical Public Dialogue is the basis of stability and prosperity in Kazakhstan" in 2019 ... An international scientific-practical conference was held at the university on October 18, 2006.


At this meeting, goals and objectives related to the implementation of the main directions of the Address were determined, and a resolution was adopted.

For 22 years since its inception, “Syrdariya” University has been preparing and training teachers for schools for more than 1 million people in the Republic of Uzbekistan and about 500,000 people in Myrzashol. The main priority is mastering the English language, since the university contingent, equipped with a modern material and technical base, is a representative of the nation state. For this, a center of our university was opened at the University of Cambridge.


Professors and students are making significant scientific advances. Archaeological excavations in the medieval city of Utyrly (Utyurtobe), which archaeologists have never studied before, were carried out by scientists of our university and introduced into scientific circulation. Science students return from various science competitions and projects as winners. The achievements of our students in sports and arts are also significant. All graduates are employed.

The staff of the “Syrdariya” University are guided by the President's policy aimed at bringing the youth of the Zhetisay and Maktaaral districts, their brothers and sisters in Uzbekistan to a new life.


Scientists, professors and students of the “Syrdariya” University, who took part in the international conference, called upon professors and students of Kazakhstani universities to follow the President's Message and work together to accomplish tasks and activities.

We wish the Head of State honor, good health, inexhaustible inspiration and great success in his work for the good of the country and the prosperity of our Motherland.


Respectfully yours, “Syrdariya” University staff

18.10.2019 year

Turkestan region, Zhetysay city, "Syrdariya" university

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