Baisalova Atirkul Abdirahmanovna

Chief Accountant

Phone: 8(725-34) 6-20-41

Reporting (Accounting) Department has been functioning as an independent structural unit of the "Syrdariya" university from September 1, 1998

Functions of the Department:

1. Making accounts and obligations of economic and financial transactions in accordance with the Standards of University financial report;

2. Preparing samples of documents on the basis of Standards;

3. Establishing the full information about business processes and business results of the University;

4. Controls the material, labor, financial use of Property in accordance with established Rules, Regulations and Estimates;

5. Counts and transfers taxes to the republican and local budgets, and prepare declaration reflecting the taxes;

6. Holds analytical and synthetic accounting of financial and economic activities of the University;

7. Maintains records of main and circulation funds, monetary funds of the University, execution flow of funds;

8.Сonducts timely inventory records of money resources and material value;

9. Protects the interests of the Institute of the relevant authorities involved in the accounting, reporting and financial control; 


LLP University "Syrdariya"
MIN 980340002287
RNN 580400006905
Kode 17
JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" №292100
Address: Zhetysay, Auezov st., 11
Phone: 8- (725-34) 6-20-41

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