Dosan Ukilimai Nakypbekkyzy

Head of Human Resources Department

Phone: 8(72534)6-20-08, 8778-983-45-39


The internal order of the university "Syrdariya"

Rules of the personnel department

The rule of the competitive selection for the faculty and research staff

The personnel department is an important structural unit that implements the personnel policy of the Syrdariуa University, regulates personnel management and the associated document flow.

The personnel department is headed by qualified specialists.
From 1998 to 2001, the department was headed by Beisenova Galiya Kabylbekovna, from 2001 to 2012 Maldybekova Apelsin Saparovna.
Apelsin Saparovna studied at the Law Faculty of the Kazakh State University named after CM. Kirov from 1971 to 1976 with a degree in jurisprudence, from 1977 to 1997 worked with honors as a notary and bailiff in the Maktaaral region. Since 2012 he has been working as a lawyer at the university.
Since 2012, the head of the personnel department has been Beisenova Galiya Kabylbekovna.

The teaching staff of the Syrdaria University is formed in accordance with the qualification requirements for licensing educational activities.

Teachers have full knowledge and modern teaching methods, the necessary skills and experience for the effective transfer of knowledge to students within the framework of educational programs.

In the context of the constantly accelerating process of updating knowledge in all subject areas, building an effective system for forming the qualitative composition of teaching staff is one of the priority tasks of the university.

All teachers involved in the educational process of the Syrdariya University have basic education.

The university administration pays due attention to the professional development of young specialists recruited to the university departments.

The main objectives of the department:

  • forecasting, determining staffing needs;
  • analyzing the state of the labor market;
  • creation and maintenance of a data bank of staff of the University;
  • analysis of professional - Qualification frame structure with a comprehensive assessment of workers.

Organization of work:

  • competition committee to fill vacant positions of heads of departments and faculty members of the University;
  • Attestation Commission of the University;
  • the introduction of modern methods of personnel management with the use of automated systems;
  • design, maintenance and storage of documents related to personnel and their movement;

The university "Syrdariya" constantly working on training, retraining and advanced training of the teaching staff.
Selection and arrangement of the teaching staff that can provide the training and education of highly skilled professionals up to date, carried out in order to bid (elective) filling the posts, application forms and enrollment contract for fixed-term contract for one year before being elected to a teaching job at the competition, in accordance with the Regulations for the post of teaching staff in higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
This allows the university administration in the selection and arrangement of the teaching staff to make a careful selection of candidates and is a progressive element in the new environment.

As for the teaching staff has reached the retirement age, having a highly skilled, is the individual employment contract.
In order to strengthen labor and executive discipline faculty, academic deans and department of the University held periodically checks to monitor the progress of the educational process. For all identified violations any disciplinary action.
The university established normal morale, good business and creative atmosphere.

The activities of administration, faculty and staff of the University is focused on the implementation of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "Kazakhstan-2030" and realizing the importance of education to their work fit in good faith, putting a lot of effort to improve the pas of excellence.

The main functions of the department
In line with the objectives of the department for the following functions:

  • creation and maintenance of a data bank on the quantitative and qualitative composition of the staff and their movement, together with the directors of departments, institutes and other departments of the University of exercise selection and placement of personnel in accordance with the labor legislation;
  • implementation of the development of regulations, guidelines, instructions and other materials to improve the work with the staff;
  • making suggestions for the implementation of effective forms of interaction between the structural units of the University, including proposals for improving the structure and staffing of the University;
  • issue orders for admission, transfer and dismissal of all categories of staff of the University; design of individual labor contracts, labor records (if any), personal files, cards form;
  • timely delivery of documents in the archives of the University;
  • clearance in accordance with established procedure for the award of materials, material assistance university staff;
  • implementation of the established procedure for issuing certificates to employees from work, travel documents, statements of orders, making the university administration of analytical reports on the state of human resource management, labor discipline and measures to improve them.