Teachers and students of the university became winners of the competition "Scientific and innovative projects"

On November 14, 2017 the competition "Scientific Innovation Projects" was held, organized within the framework of the 1st International Forum "Education for the Future", in which heads of Russian, Tajik and national universities took part.

The following prizewinners took part in the competition:
І place - Karsybai Baybolat (School-gymnasium named after B.Momyshuly),
ІІ place - Smail Gulnaz (secondary school named after S. Erubayev),
ІІІ place - Turganbek Erdaulet (secondary school named after M. Shokai).

In the nomination "Excellence in scientific works" 1st place - associate professor Abenova L.U.,
ІІ place - senior lecturer, assistant professor Saparbaeva U.A.,
ІІІ place - senior lecturer, associate professor Isaeva K.А.

In the nomination "Excellence of master classes of teachers and excellent student of methodical cases" 1st place - teacher of Russian language and literature U.Rayimbekova (secondary school Turan),
ІІ place - teacher of Russian language and literature A.Pazylova (boarding school Daryn),
ІІІ place - teacher of primary classes B.Bazarkulov (secondary school named after M.Shokai)

and in competition "Excellent worker of the exhibition" 1st place - student of the group Diz-15 M.Mustafa, 2nd place student of the group Diz-14 Zh.Baktybayev, ІІІ place - student of the group Dis-17 B.Altaeva.

Congratulations to the winners with creative success !