Students of the faculty of "Art" took part in competitions organized by the Center for Intellectual and Creative Development "QazGenius World"

Tursynkhan Gulbanu and Seydulla Kazyna, students of the Art faculty, took part in the Traveling in Summer! Contest organized by the QazGenius World Center for Intellectual and Creative Development in Almaty, Tursynkhan Gulbanu took 3rd place.

Seydulla Kazyna, who took part in the III International contest of drawings “Autumn breath - 2018” of the public fund “International Academy of Ecology, Engineering and Pedagogical Sciences” took 2nd place.

Certificates for active participation were awarded to students of the Diz-18 group, Ersari Alshagul, students of the Diz-15 group, Ualikhan Zhansay, a teacher of “Fine Arts and Drawing” Keleshan Araily, students of the Iso-18 group, Onalbek Asylzat, Kulan Ayaulym.

Student success is university status.

Congratulations to the winners! We wish you success in your work!