Saparbayeva Akbayan, correspondent for the newspaper South Kazakhstan

People make two important choices in life.

One is the choice of the path, that is, the profession, the other is the choice of the spouse.

The first choice I made earlier. I mean, I wanted to speak on TV.
Honestly, I was in a hurry to finish school. My goal, direction, dream was the faculty of journalism.

However, in 2000-2001, our family was under financial pressure. My parents did not have the opportunity to send me to study far. In addition, my family did not want to lose sight of their only daughter, who had just graduated from high school. So, we turned to the "Syrdariуa" University, the only one in Zhetysai.

Unlike today, "Syrdariуa" was young then.
School buildings were just starting to be built, and there were not many students. But my passion for reading and journalism was above all. We studied for four years. Now I work in the Information Bureau newsroom of the 31 channel.
We took part in the game KVN (club of cheerful people) in Almaty. In my final year, I wrote and published articles in regional publications.

In general, in addition to comprehensive education, we also participated in social work. In fact, this distant university has had a big impact on our early maturity and the achievement of our dreams.
After all, we had everything for quality training. Now, when I participate in the work of the republican national television channel, I recall the thirsty, dreamy youth of my student days.
Today we go to all corners of the country to work.

Although the "Syrdariya" University is far away, it is no less than any other university in large cities. Each parent tries to monitor the education of their child.
In this regard, "Syrdariуa" provides excellent service for the densely populated region.
I would like to thank the leadership, teachers and staff of the "Syrdariya" University for the training, education and inspiration of so many strong teachers and creative people like me.

Continue to serve the country!
Be proud of your students! We are proud of you "Syrdariуa"!

Aкbayan Saparbayeva,
Producer, TV presenter of the national television channel "Kazakhstan"

Year of graduation