Dzhumadillaev Adil Dosanbekovich - Deputy Director of the Employment Center of the population of the Makhtaral region

"Syrdariya" University is one of the largest universities in the country located in the Makhtaral region in the very south of our country.

I think this is a great opportunity for the youth of the region, whose population today is more than 350 thousand people. Once I came to this university as one of many young people from the village.
From 2012 to 2014, I was a student at "Syrdariya" University and graduated in absentia with a degree in law.

I received quality knowledge at the university, with my experience of almost 2 years.
I am always proud of my university and teachers. Qualified professors and teacher education give students invaluable knowledge. I still remember our teachers Omar, Shekerbekov, Sarsenbek Yelshibaev and many others.
Today's achievements of the university, which has a well-equipped material and technical base, has introduced an effective system of student training in accordance with educational standards, all this is obvious to students. We are glad that today the name "Syrdariya" University is known to all and the university itself is growing and flourishing. It is important for every student to be proud of their university
The university has been operating for almost twenty years. How many graduates graduated from this university during this period ?!

Each of them successfully works in different regions of the country.
Keep up the good work, "Syrdariya" University!
I am sure that many more graduates will successfully graduate from this modern university!

Year of graduation