Kozybay Abay Aralbekuly

Head of the Museum

Phone: 8(72534)6-34-03


Working hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00

(lunch break: 13:00 - 14:00)


The museum of the University "Syrdariya" is one of the largest museums in Zhetysay district.
The museum collection was formed with the support of the Museum of the University of Syrdariya, established in September 1998. In 2004, the number of exhibits stored in the museum increased markedly, and the volume of the museum also increased. In 2005, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev visited the museum of the "Syrdarya" University during his visit to the Maktaral district and expressed his warm wishes.

The museum, which became the fundamental cultural center of the district, was financed by the university administration in 2016 and equipped with modern requirements. Now it is included in the tourist route of the South Kazakhstan region. Museum "Syrdariya" is located in the main building of the academic building. The total area of the museum is 185 sq.m. Near the museum there are three exhibition halls, an additional repair department and an exhibition gallery.

The first hall presents a general description of the Zhetysay district and the University of Syrdariya. Also here there is visually presented information about the faculties and specialties of the university, where students study, various diplomas and certificates received by students and teachers at regional and republican competitions, cups of the KVN Syrdariya team, collections of scientific conferences and other university achievements. Also located near the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The second exposition hall of the museum covers information on the history of the village of Iirzhar, founded on September 3, 1928, as well as on the Maktaaral District, founded in 1930, the foundation of the Kirov Canal and the economic characteristics of myrzasholtsy.
Excursion begins with a shop window filled with photos of residents of the region, irrigation of Myrzashol, agriculture, the establishment and development of cotton growing in the region.

One of the most prominent halls of the museum is the third hall, where archeological excavations from the medieval city of Uturtobe (Utyrly) are displayed. The exposition of the hall is filled with household items, household goods, everyday city life, fragments of metal fragments and weapons, glass and glass vessels. The museum looks spacious and beautiful, it has an exhibition hall, which contains creative works performed by the students of the university.

Currently, the museum of the University "Syrdariya" is a historical and sightseeing place visited by students and schoolchildren, as well as independent accreditation and rating commissions, employees of the tourist information center, distinguished citizens of the Turkestan region (Aydarkhan Otenuly), head of the department for international relations and academic mobility Rysbekova A.A., professors of the Kyrgyz State University of Oriental Studies. M. Kashkar-Barkhani, Professor of the Dortmund University of Germany Walter Friesen, Chairman of the Regional Court of the Turkestan Region Nurserik Sharipov, Senior Lecturer of the Regional Social-Innovative University, Head of the Department of Academic Mobility Aina Zholtaeva, Professor of the Egyptian University "Suez Canal", Senior Manager of the Center for Advanced Studies, PhD, associate professor Askhat Alimov and other guests. The University Museum visually acquaints all guests with the history of the Myrzashol region.