Educational and methodical management

Oralova Zaure Mekenbaevna
Head of Educational Department

Phone: 6-19-26

Educational and methodical management is the main structural part of the organization and management of the educational process.

Since the university was founded, the university has been implementing the tasks of developing the planning of the educational process, organizing high-quality training of specialists, developing the educational process, developing normative documents for educational and methodical work.

Educational and methodical management is guided by the regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Regulation on the educational process and the Charter of the University.

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Tolegenova Dina Meldebekkyzy


Ashirkhanov Ayasbek Kobilbekovich


Musa Nurbala Bekbolatkyzy


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Ajan Aigerim Orazkhankyzy


Alimkulova Ultusyn Amirkulovna


Kudaibergen Jadyra Muratkhankyzy


At present, the teaching and methodical management performs the following functions for the implementation of the policies and objectives of the Syrdariya University:

  • Methodological, scientific, methodological, informational support of the educational process.
  • Methodological support based on the number of students, their profile, level of training and opportunities.
  • Develop working curricula and modular educational programs, curricula and analyze their compliance with educational standards.
  • Development and implementation of educational and methodological documents on new learning technologies, including credit technology.
  • Development of scientific projects, scientific and methodological developments and introduction of their results into the educational process.
  • Organization and examination of textbooks, educational and methodical complexes of disciplines, electronic media and teaching materials.
  • Organization and holding of thematic scientific, methodological seminars, conferences, webinars, meetings with the aim of improving educational and methodical work.
  • Organization of advanced training for teachers and staff.
  • Development of methodological support for independent work and professional practice of students.
  • Monitoring educational work.

These services are implemented in cooperation with the heads of departments and provide high quality educational activities.

Educational and methodical management is working on the direction of educational and methodical, scientific and methodological, dispatching and professional practice.


In 1998, during the opening of the University "Syrdariya", an educational and methodological department was created, which was headed by candidate of chemical sciences, docent O.A.Altayev, during the 2000-2001 academic year, from 2001 to 2003 department was headed by G.K.Beysenova, from 2003 to 2011, the department was managed by Mamraimov S.D., in the 2011-2012 academic year - Tokmurzaev B.S., then, from 2012 to 2014 - docent S.N.Apasheva, from 2014 to the present, the educational and methodological department is managed by candidate of political science, docent Tazhitaeva Raja Seilovna.

Currently, the team of the teaching and methodical department consists of 9 specialists: head of department, docent R.S.Tazhitaeva, deputy head of department, master Z.M.Oralova, methodologists A.K.Ashirhanov, N.B.Musa, A.N. Zhanaeva, head of professional practice, master E.T.Abish, methodologist of professional practice G.А.Tenizbayeva, dispatchers Z.G.Zhamberova and G.Kantore.