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Konarbaeva Nurjamal Beisenbaevna

Head of department

Phone: 8 702 377 55 57


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Academic mobility refers to students and teachers in higher education moving to another institution inside or outside their own country to study or teach for a limited time.

The aim of the department is to organize and coordinate cooperation with higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan and foreign countries and coordination of academic mobility of students and teachers to provide improving quality of education and raise the international prestige of Syrdariya University.

Currently, within the framework of academic exchange, our university has close ties with Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
In order to develop external academic mobility, students and teachers actively participate in the exchange of knowledge, internships, joint research with the Tajik Pedagogical Institute and the Eastern University of Kyrgyzstan named after M.K. Barscani.

In addition, in order to strengthen ties with foreign universities within the framework of the international programs Erasmus + and Mevlana, agreements on international exchange were signed with Riga Technical University, Eszterházy Károly University and Anadolu University, Kastamonu University, Artvin Coruh University in Europe.

Every year we invite foreign specialists to our university to give lectures, consultations and seminars. In particular, prestigious professors from Germany, Egypt, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal and Tajikistan came to our university. In terms of internal academic mobility, we replace students with universities in the country, including those in Shymkent.

The department of academic mobility serves to increase the prestige of the university and establish international cooperation in the exchange of knowledge and experience of students and teachers.

Since 2012, the university has been inviting professors from prestigious foreign universities on academic mobility programs to conduct lectures, seminars and consultations for students and teachers. Doctor-ethnologist Esko Schmoller from Germany, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Peter Eichler and Doctor of Philology, Professor Walter Friesen came to our university to give lectures.

Syrdarya University students and undergraduates also had the opportunity to meet with such prestigious professors as Dr. Svetlana Lyubchik from Portugal, Professor Siddhart Saxena from the University of Cambridge, Ray Chatwin from the University of Warwick, Mustafa Selmi from the University of the Suez Canal in Egypt. Among the CIS countries, students of our university were lectured by Bai Galymovich Khairov, Ph.D. in Economics, Omsk Financial University, Russia, Muazzam-Kudrotsodo, rector of the Pedagogical Institute of Tajikistan, rector of the Pedagogical Institute of Tajikistan, leading professor of the Eastern University named after Mahmud Kashkari-Barskani in Kyrgyzstan. There are also guests from France and Hungary with the aim of developing cultural ties.

Experienced professors of our university are sent to other universities to give lectures and exchange experiences on the basis of bilateral cooperation. The participation of teachers in the academic mobility program is an important factor that will further strengthen the bilateral relationship. In this regard, our professors often travel abroad and share their experience.

In particular, the rector of the Tajik Pedagogical Institute (Tajikistan, Penjikent) is the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Dairbekov S.S. Lecturer on the subject "Informatics", Cand. Tech. Sciences, associate professor Zholdasov S.A. On the subject "Differential Mathematics", Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor Tazhekova A.D. read a lecture "Geoecology and environmental protection". MK located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Zhanabaev Zh.D., Candidate of Technical Sciences Nurbek M.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Ruzibaev A.Zh., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Tlenchieva N.S., Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Barskan Eastern University V.V. Avdonin Our highly qualified specialists visited and shared their experiences.

2014. British scientist, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professor Siddharth Saxena attends the University

2014. Lisbon scientist, doctor of chemical sciences S. B. Lyubchik

2015. German scientist, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Peter Eichler

2015. Omsk Financial University of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor B.G. Khairov

2017. During the arrival of the German scientist Walter Friesen

2017. Egyptian scholar Mustafa Selmi lectures

2018. University scientists: Ph.D., Associate Professor Ruzibaev A.Zh., Ph.D., Associate Professor Zhanabaev Zh.D., Ph.D. Nurbek M.A., M.K. At the Eastern University named after Barscani

2018. British scientist, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Ray Chatwin "Professor Emeritus" of the Syrdariya University



• Coordination of inter-university cooperation;
• Coordination and consultations on development and implementation of joint educational programs;
• Organization of abroad training of undergraduate and graduate students, participating in exchange programs;
• Organization of study of international students, graduate students and interns coming to Syrdariya in accordance with inter-university agreements, as well as individually;
• Organization of the current advice and assistance related to international activity;
• Organization of interpretation/ translation within the inter-university cooperation;
• Assistance in the organizing receptions and sending delegations within the inter-university cooperation.

• Carrying out activities (presentations, information seminars, training workshops) aimed at ensuring the participation of students and staff of Syrdariya University in academic mobility programs;
• Providing the Syrdariya University departments with information about international activities, international scientific and educational programs, projects, competitions, in which students and staff of the University can participate;
• Search for new partners and opportunities for students and teachers for training, professional development and internships abroad.