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Congratulations on the holiday "Kurban Ait"

September 9, 2016, at the University "Syrdariya" together with representatives of the religious clergy held a meeting dedicated to the great holiday "Kurban Ait". The lecture hall was packed with high school students. As a guest at the meeting was attended by Iman Mosque "Nagman" Shaimerden Bagdat, labor veteran, "Honorary citizen" Maktaaral district Sabirov Yelemes kazhi, chief editor of "Maktaaral" Zholbarys Tileuuly and director of the Center youth resources Beisenbayev Mukhtar Kasymhanovich.

In the beginning was the play-report of PhD Doctor of the Philosophy Shagyrbaev Almasbek Duisenbekuly on "Preservation of youth movements." Then multiple examples of real life stories of young people have been given, that make you think about hope and compassion. Chief editor of the newspaper "Maktaaral" Zholbarys Tileuuly demonstrated recently published humanitarian, didactic book "Traces of goodness."

Imam Shaimerden Baghdad continued dialogue with the students in the educational and propaganda way, answering questions posed by the students. Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations Moldabekova Nurzhamal Seydalievna gave word of the meeting the guest public figure, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Ayashev O.A., who presented his book "OySerik". At the end of the meeting, students took pictures with the guests.

At the end of the meeting, students took pictures with the guests.

Press secretary of the university "Syrdariya" Sh.Kalybekova

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