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University "Syrdariya" invites you to take part in the work of the 1st International Forum "Education of the Future", held as part of the implementation of the Action Plan for the Modernization of the Public Consciousness "Ruhani Jangyru" , which will be held on November 14, 2017.
The Forum will be a platform for presenting the results of scientific research, and will also promote the exchange of views and experiences between scientists of scientific organizations and educational institutions of different countries, developing joint approaches to solving the problems of diversification and increasing competitiveness in the international market.

The organizers aim to create an innovative platform that unites representatives of higher and secondary schools for joint scientific and practical work, discussing current trends in education and examples of the use of new information technologies. Reports of key speakers, leading representatives of science and education, business communities and analysts, as well as round tables and panel discussions are planned within the framework of the Forum.

The program of the forum is formed taking into account the interests of all groups of visitors. Its business part is focused on teachers, teachers, school principals, representatives of science and culture, businessmen. The central event will be an international symposium of leaders of leading universities and educational institutions of Kazakhstan, Russia and Tajikistan. On the agenda is the formation of a unified educational environment and access to quality education for all.

Within the framework of the Forum::
• Discussion of the world experience of education and science;
• Competition of scientific innovation projects;
• Master classes from the best teachers;
• Competition for the best educational and methodical case;
• Exhibition of artifacts of applied art and scientific and methodical works, educational literature of participants.

Participation in the Forum is free of charge. To become a member of the forum, you must register before 08.11.2017.
Place of the forum: Zhetysay, M. Auezov 11
Date: 14.11.2017 г.
The beginning: 09:00.
Contact details of the organizing committee: +772534-62693, +7707-6662282,
We hope that our forum will allow your interests to keep pace with the times, make them more cost-effective and effective.

Sincerely, University of "Syrdariya"

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