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Evening of poetry "A song for all as a means of competition"

Poetry - a world created for spiritual development and creative personality enrichment. This is the only treasure trove of literary language, which allows through the tradition of the most complete and varied to maintain the individuality of the nation, the people.
The events currently taking place every day story form. Yesterday's news today is history.

In this connection, at October 5, 2016 in the House of university students "Syrdariya" was evening of poetry called "Song for all as a means of competition".
On the evening as guests were present: Dean of the Faculty of "Physical culture and sport", PhD, associate professor Shegenbaev Nurkasym Beysenbaevich, senior lecturer of the department "Kazakh language and literature" Master Nurbek Muratbek Anarbaevich, Master Faiziev Nurjan Saparhanovich.

Today, we add to our world, the world of poetry. All the way to the heart of poetry throughout the world. Of course, publish it, and others who may be able to deliver in-depth look at the intricacies of their hearts with pleasure speaking students.

University students were filled with great works related to poetry: eg Abdramanova Guldauren performed work of the king of the world poetry M.Makataeva "Poetry" Zakaria Akmaral sang "Mama, are you happy", Amanullah Nazerke - "Life needs", Amanullah Nazerke - "a Life needs" Amanullah Nazerke - "Omir Kerek," Aydar Gulzina - "Arular - asyl Zhandarov" Orazbayeva Zhanar - "Ayelder-ah", Sultanbekova Ayaulym - "Sokyr ana", Asanov Tokzhan performed work R.Gamzatova "Mother tongue", Kuanysh Aykymіs performed" Tatyana's Letter to Onegin "performed work Amankul Aysylu M.Shahanova "12-3 =?", Oserbay Akmarzhan, Senbe zhyrtka tursa yes kansha maktap "Egemberdі Marjane A. performed work Sabyrhanova" Maktaaralym - maktanyshym "Asanov Akyerke T.Aybergenov - "Ana", Baytillazi Zhazira performed the monologue "The Mother", Tazhen Asylbay - "Zhurek "Baytillazi Zhazira and Serik Amangeldy performed "Mahabbat poeziyasy".

The student then Daniyar Asylbek performed the song "Tugan tilim" then Asangali Mukagali performed the song "Men gashykpyn Jany zharaly", then a student Abdramanova Guldauren performed the song "Sen Ketkov son".

Then leading the evening gave the word guest Shegenbaevu Nurkasymu Beysenbaevich who said that poetry has a great influence on the modern world.

Then participants poetry readings solemnly received certificates from the rector of the university.

After that all the participants of the event were photographed.

A student of the 3rd course of the specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" Amankul Aisulu Sakenkyzy

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