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A special briefing was given to students and scientific and pedagogical staff of the university

To familiarize with the principles of studying abroad, the International Scholarship "Bolashak" and the selection of candidates for the Bolashak program, a briefing was held for students and scientific and pedagogical personnel.

The vice-rector for scientific work Tazhekova Akmaral Zhaksybekovna explained the changes in the Bolashak program through a briefing plan, and also voiced the requirements of the Bolashak program and the ways of its transfer and changes in the new school year.

The lecturer of the chair "Tіlder" Ertai Zhaksylyk focused attention on the peculiarities of the TOEFL and IELTS educational programs, spoke about the ways of learning English, how to determine the level of knowledge of the English language and how to get acquainted with other possibilities. Senior lecturer Bakirov Yerzhan informed students about how to apply for admission to the magistracy.

The vice-rector for scientific work Tazhekova Akmaral Zhaksybekovna, who conducted the event, told that not only students but also teachers had an opportunity to improve their knowledge on the "Bolashak" professional development program.


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