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Industrial practice is the guarantee of the training of professional staff

The main guideline for training and retraining of personnel is the acquisition of professional skills in a modern educational system, according to the strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.
In order to be a competitive developed country, a country must become a state, we have for this an educated professional training of personnel, which determines the main direction of moods in society.
In this regard, the University of "Syrdariya" organized work on educational and professional directions. Over the past 8 weeks, specialists have been trained in the field of production in the field of education and 10 weeks in the following areas: pedagogical, economic, technical, natural sciences and art.
In connection with this, on March 29, the final conference was held for students of the university graduates of 2016-2017 academic year with the purpose of summing up the results of professional practice at the Palace of Students "Kazakhstan" in an expanded format.
The conference was attended by deputy directors for educational and training, the founder and the rector of the university, pro-rectors, deans, heads of departments, practitioners and methodologists.

The conference was opened with an exhibition of visions prepared by students during the practice.
The exhibition stands showed the used wall newspapers of open lessons and open educational hours, visual aids, presentations, didactic materials, letters of thanks from school principals.
The results of the exhibition competition were summed up by a special fair jury, in particular, the chairman of the jury, the pro-rector for academic work, the candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer S.D. Mamrayimov, as well as the jury members: the head of the registrar's office T.F.Ahmed, the deputy head of the teaching and methodical department B.S. Tokmyrzaev. Pictures A large number and variety of exhibition facilities caused difficulties in making judging decisions for the jury.
The conference was opened by the rector of the university, candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor, S.S. Daiyrbekov, who congratulated the 4 th year students on the successful completion of the practice and awarded the winners of the exhibition.

Head of professional practice of the University Fayziev Nurzhan Saparkhanovich

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