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Young people support the Message

Today, the youth of the university held a seminar to discuss and disseminate the Message of the Head of State. The event was attended by the student dean and activists of the Humanities Faculty, where the youth evaluated the ten directions of the Message.

The head of professional practice of the university, the senior teacher N.S.Fayziev, the teacher S.Taubaev made a statement about the importance of the state political program and called on the youth to support and promote the union priorities.

"Knowledge should be given consciously, not rhythmically, so every citizen should be able to analyze the responsibilities of the state in the Appeal," said N.Fayziev, who also spoke about the problems of human capital, including the updated curriculum. He stressed the high level of education of students, advanced training, responsibility for the requirements for training.

During the seminar the student dean of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature" of the second year B.Sautov stressed "natural resources" in the Message and drew attention to the need to focus on the agricultural sector in the region, including cotton growing. Bektemis Meirhan, a 3rd-year student in the specialty "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages", pointed to examples of the social and political life of the younger generation.

Obviously, this event will increase the social awareness of students, patriotic upbringing and responsibility.


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