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Welcome, New Year!

A special holiday is celebrated in many countries of the world - the New Year. Celebrating the New Year as the most festive event, it is a tradition to expect new happiness from next year. The
In this regard, the youth committee of the university and vice-rector for education and social issues N.S.Tlenchieva with special ceremony organized a New Year's party, in which the whole staff of the university took part.

Leader of the evening was the head of the national team of KVN "Syrdariya" M. Sarsenbayev, in 2017 the team of KVN became the champion "Season of inspiration". The evening was accompanied by satirical-musical skits and jokes.

Sharing pleasant events and achievements at the university, M. Sarsenbayev noted that the celebration of the new year in each country will be different: "Although we celebrate all Kazakhstan holidays, one of our good qualities is the celebration of any holiday", with these words the presenter invited the rector university, candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor Serik Sansyzbaevich Daiyrbekov.

Rector S.S. Dayirbekov congratulated all students and employees on the New Year and awarded 21 students for the best results in education, and also awarded members of the dance group Nazerke and the team of Syrdariya, who are actively involved in the development of the educational institution.

In addition, the Youth Committee thanked a number of students who came to the forefront of public events.
Songs and dances, humorous jokes and prize-winning lottery, performed on this festive evening gave the New Year mood a special blessing.


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