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Literary world of Auezov

At September 28, 2017 in university held a literary and informative evening "Literary World of Auezov", dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the outstanding writer of Kazakh literature Mukhtar Omarhanovich Auezov. The evening was organized by the staff of the library, teachers of the department "Kazakh language and literature", as well as students of this specialty.

A journey to the literary world of an expensive writer took place in the student palace "Kazakstan". The literary evening was opened by the anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the students performed a masterpiece of the creative development of Mukhtar Auezov on the stage. At first, the audience got acquainted with the writer's novel, which was organized in a new form, it began with an excerpt from an article entitled "A Human Being - a Woman". The stories "The Day of Defenselessness", the play "Kila Zama", "Enlik-Kebek" and fragments of the novel "The Way of Abai" were read.
A video clip was shown from the fragments of "Kierkerek" and "Novo-Karash episode".
The audience got acquainted with the materials of the writer's life and listened to his voice. Through the image of Darmen in the novel "The Way of Abai" Abai was able to say that the seeds that he grew were the same seeds.

Students of the third year of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature" introduced the folklore practice in Semipalatinsk with the program of academic mobility and presented the work done in this experiment. Students who passed the internship thanked the university leadership for this opportunity.
At the end of the literary evening, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor L.U. Abenova spoke about the literary and cognitive aspirations of the youth. The
Books were distributed among students by the university administration, these are books by Abai Kunanbayev and Mukhtar Auezov. The
We hope that an organized literary evening will have a profound impact on the creative demands of young people.

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