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Festive Evening "Teacher Name - Height and eternity

In September 22 at the Palace of Students held a literary-musical and information evening "Glory to Language - Glory of the country", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the independence of the sovereign state, timed celebration of people of Kazakhstan Day.

The evening was organized by the Faculty of "Humanities" and the department "Kazakh language and literature" and was held in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
The evening was opened dance group "Nazerke" consisting of young women who have demonstrated the fashion and beauty.
Language is a national phenomenon in nature, so the nature of any of the spiritual wealth of the nation can be expressed through the language and cultural traditions, such as the "Future of Kazakhstan in the Kazakh language."
Students of 4th curse Kambar and Dinara Egemkul Akbota Abai performed the song "Eye View", Master of the department "Kazakh language and literature" Nurbek Murat and student Sauletova Gauhartas performed the song "Bright month windless night" that givs loud applause from the audience hall.
Then he was shown a special video report, "The president - the country support, language support," which showed the results of the wise leadership of our President, his basic policies.
The rest of the festive evening was accompanied by literary and musical performances dedicated to language, literature and music. I ended the evening song "Kazakh Eli", after which the participants were photographed in the evening.

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Press secretary of the university "Syrdariya" Sh. Kalybekova

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