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"Maktaaral" Socio-political newspaper
27 January, Friday 2017 year, page 24

Opened laboratory "Robotics"

Last Friday in "Syrdariya" University hosts "Robotics" laboratory.
The founder of the University Esenkul Seylovna cut the ribbon and opened the access for all to this special account. With speech Rector Serik Dayyrbekov and wished the participants every success rate Training.
After that, head of the cabinet of informatics Master Kopzhasar Nurhan explains the principles of laboratory work and acquainted with all the tutorial. Three sets of computer equipment installed in the office. With one set at a time can work 7 students. Total, with three sets of the equipment can be operated at once twenty-one student.
     Currently, the University is working on contact with the school name A.Baitursynov, which is the basic school in this area, and students of this school are the students of this course. The Cabinet is working throughout the school week. Schools with an interest in this course, can cooperate with the university on a contract basis. At the opening of the above-mentioned school history teacher Jamila Bihozhaeva made a speech in which he expressed confidence that the students of her school held here training, will be able to learn the engineering skills.
Basically, the students on the science of natural science can here, on the basis of the acquired knowledge in mathematics, physics, computer science, conducting research, in the field of robotics, engineering, design and technology. With this course the student for various tasks will be to design different models of robots to work on their software. Including students can handle and synthesize information sources and able to conduct and perform various other operations.


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