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"Language is the basis of friendship"

On September 25 in the Student House of our university was a concert, it held titled "Language is Friendship", dedicated to the celebration of languages. The festive concert was accompanied in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

The event was attended by active students who live in a student house. The hosts of the concert were Musabaeva Ulmeken, Dauren Turginbaev, Zhaksylyk Guzat. On the festive evening the hosts danced, spoke about the merits of languages, using the great and wise words of speakers.

The evening continued with the songs of students who are silver and bronze medalists of our university: Shynybai N., Konysbek A., Kenesbach A., Dussen R., Iles M. All of them performed their songs beautifully. The
In the middle of the evening there were poems, the performers were students: Konisbek Arailim, Zhapparov Ulandana, Kuanysh Aikumis, Aidarbek Akkereyr and others. Then there was a discussion about the importance of these three languages.

A festive evening dedicated to languages was a great experience for our student performers. We are grateful to Baibol Rose, who organized this evening.

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