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A conference on the results of teaching practice

University "Syrdariya" provides systematic training and professional orientation. Students of pedagogical, economic, natural and artistic specialties have recently completed 10-week practice.

To sum up the results and results of this professional practice, a final conference among graduate students of the 2019 school year was held on April 11.

The conference was attended by vice-rectors for educational and educational work, rector, department heads, deans, heads of practice departments and methodologists.

The conference began with a presentation exhibition that demonstrated the practical experience of students. The exhibition showed materials of open educational lessons conducted by our students, visual aids, wall newspapers, presentations, teaching materials and school instructions, which were used during working hours and in open lessons. According to the results of the exhibition, students of the specialty "Music education" took the third place, students of the specialty "History" took the second place, students of the specialty "Geography" took the first place.

Opening the conference, the rector of the university, Ph.D. Dayirbekov Serik Sansyzbaevich congratulated all 4th year students on the successful completion of the practice.

Heads of pedagogical practice, teachers and teachers of schools came to the conference and shared their impressions. They expressed their gratitude to the leadership and teachers of the university for their enormous contribution to the education of young people, for the knowledge, skills, attitudes and responsibility of our students; all this was acquired by students in our university. In addition, heads of practice and methodologists of the university made the orientation of students more professional and professional, and they also made their final conclusions.

Professional practice is the key to combining student knowledge with professional skills and training qualified personnel.

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