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International Women's Day

At the University of "Syrdariya" every year, according to tradition, events are held dedicated to the women's holiday - the day of March 8. The festive evening was organized by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, the scene in the Palace of Students of Kazakhstan is beautifully decorated. The gala evening was opened by the rector of the University Dayirbekov Serik Sansyzbaevich:

"Dear girls and women, I sincerely congratulate you on March 8 - International Women's Day. I wish you creative success, health and well-being, unity and prosperity for your families, prosperity, love and beauty."

Professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences Musabekova Gulnara Tazhibaevna read a wonderful monologue, congratulating noble mothers and daughters. The youth department specialist E.Ermekbay dedicated the poem "Kyz Koktem" to all the girls.

On a festive evening, university graduate A.Orynbay performed the soulful and melodic songs "Red Apple", "Lightning Mood" and M. Begaly sang the song "Waltz".

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