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The university officially opened the project office "Sanaly urpaq"

Today, the Syrdariya University hosted the opening ceremony of the project office "Sanaly urpaq". The chief specialist of the Department of Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Turkestan region Zhundibayev Gabit Omiralievich attended the opening ceremony of the project office. Gabit Omiralievich and the rector of our university Serik Sansyzbaevich solemnly cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the office.

The main goal of the project office is to eliminate corruption in the education system, to create an atmosphere of corruption abuse through the education system.

The head of the youth department, M. Bektemis, presented the future work of the Sanaly urpaq office and spoke about the goals and objectives of the project. The university's rector, Dayirbekov, noted that the design office was built within the walls of our university, and this was a great responsibility for the staff, the students, and added that they contributed to the formation of an anti-corruption culture in the education system.

Gabit Omiralievich: "This project was initiated by the chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption in Kazakhstan, and now all front-offices in all regions of the country open the correction of corruption in the education system, create conditions for the general rejection of corruption and implement pilot directions for the further use of best practices in educational institutions. Thus, the formation of a youth culture is now topical, it is necessary to inculcate the virtues of patriotism devotion to the Motherland, active students ", explained the purpose of the project office.

Vice-rector for educational work and social issues at the University of Syrdariya M.Nurbek briefly described the anti-corruption questionnaire at our university, which was presented to students.

At the end of the meeting, a 4th year student of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature", U. Dosan, on behalf of all students thanked the head of the project office "Sanaly urpaq". Further, the event continued acquaintance with the work of the student Service Center.

It is worth noting that the project "Sanaly urpaq" - the first in a private university in the country, opened at the University of Syrdariya.

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