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Concert program "New Year"

As you know, the most joyful holiday in the world is the New Year. We all look forward to the new year with a new happiness. In this regard, on the eve of the university was organized a festive evening dedicated to the upcoming New Year. The festive evening is organized by students of the Faculty of Humanities Ikram Marat and Abdakim Suinbay.

As the saying goes, "A good word is half the battle!", The first New Year greetings at the festive evening were voiced by the founder of the "Syrdariya" University Esenkul Seyilovna and the rector of our university, Professor Seryk Sansyzbayevich Daiyrbekov.

Rector S.Daiyrbekov congratulated the students on the upcoming New Year and summing up the outgoing year congratulated 23 students on the excellent results of the research work of the MES RK, 18 students with low social status and students with a 7-year scholarship nomination for 1 month.

The evening continued with the performances of the "Nazerke" dance group, the "Viennese waltz" dance, the "Ademі" duet performed the song "Kyz bala gul", students of the University B.Tazhibay and A.Rahmatulla performed the song "New Year", and after the creative guys performed the Flashmob, then the Syrdariya KVN youth team came on the scene, which amused all the guests and made a special impression.

We wish everyone in the coming New Year warm and positive events and great success!

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