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A conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the University

On the second day of the events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the University "Syrdariya" an international scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of the national education system: priorities, development prospects" was held. According to the conference program, there were 7 sections, the total number of reports - 154.

The reports, which today are considered relevant in the field of education and research, were heard and discussed in the following sections: "Problems of spiritual modernization and national history", "World philology and linguistic space", "Actual problems of pedagogy, psychology and education", "Modern achievements and prospects of natural sciences", "Problems of science and vocational education", "Global economy and law", "Physical culture and sports: problems and prospects of development".

Of the reports presented at the conference, 27 were submitted from foreign countries, 24 - from the Republic of Uzbekistan, 1 - from the Russian Federation, 2 - from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, 127 - from the University of Syrdariya and other universities and educational institutions of the country.

At the same time, the conference was attended by: professor of the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Dr. B.A.Bakhritdinov and professor of the Institute of Biological Chemistry, doctor Akhmedzhanov I.G., professor of the Kyrgyz State University. I.Arabaeva, doctor of pedagogical sciences, Anarkulov Kh.F.
The guests took part in the conference and also congratulated the university on its 20th anniversary.

The President of the Association of Universities, professor Alshanov Rakhman Alshanovich congratulated the rector Dayirbekov Serik Sansyzbaev on the 20th anniversary of the university. At the same time, the founder of the university, E.Seyilova, was awarded the breastplate "Veteran of Labor", Ch.Ibraimov was awarded familiar "Honored Education Worker", associate professors R.S.Tazhitaeva, T. Berdaliyeva, S.D.Mamraimov and G.Karasheva were awarded the "Honorary diploma" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following employees: A.A. Altybaeva, U.Saparbaeva, Isaeva G., T.Alipbaev, E.Orisbaev, D.Zhumabaev, G.Beisenova awarded "The letter of thanks" of the Republic of Kazhakstan university staff: A. Baisalova, Z.Oralova, S.N.Apasheva, A.Alimova, A.Asilbayeva, G.Raeeva, N.Fayziev and E.Abish were also awarded diplomas. Rector of the University, candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor S.S.Dayayrbekov, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor N.S.Tlenchieva, PhD B.S.Tokmurzaev, PhD P.Abdurazova, PhD, associate professor S.A.Zholdasov, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor N.B.Shegenbaev was awarded the Order of A.Baitursynov.

Undoubtedly, the guests of honor who came to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the university will be marked in the pages of history as a joyful event. In the end, this educational institution has a unique personality of its own.

The future of an educational institution that pursues the country's goals in the field of education and science is perfect and promising. Happy anniversary!

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