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Anniversary concert

On the first day of the two-day jubilee program dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the University of "Syrdariya", a gala concert was held at the palace of students of Kazakhstan.

The solemn event was opened by the Zhetysay musical orchestra under the direction of Boris Isa, the song "Turkestan" was performed. Then, the dance group of the university "Nazerke" performed a scene with a Kazakh dance, then a talented performer Serik Yerdaulet performed the song "The Heart of the Kazakhs", then the KVN teams came on the scene: the champion of the Games Zhaidarman the team "Syrdariya" and the team "Million", which pleased the guests of the evening with their festive and fun program.

After that, under the guidance of a university teacher, Z. Sadykova, under the slogan "The Great Steppe", a fashion show was held in which students demonstrated a high level of creativity and art.

Today's event undoubtedly showed a high level of development of the university with a 20-year history.

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