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Dedication to the ranks of students

October 11 is a great holiday for students admitted to the 1st course. The peculiarity of this traditional and annually held event is the active participation of students enrolled in the current academic year.

The festive atmosphere of the gala evening was opened with the words of congratulations of the vice-rector for the educational process and the deans of the faculties, they all congratulated the students on this event and wished them success.

The song of the Fiz-17 student Karim Maksat "Kazagym-ay" was performed, then the dance group "Nazerke" performed the dance "Khazakh".
Fourth-year students Bektemis Meyrkhan and Dosan Ukilimay solemnly handed a first-year students a symbolic credit book and key.

Then the student theater "Cheese Sandyk" performed the scene "Student Life", and then the champion Zhaydarman team "Syrdariya" came on the scene, which gave the audience a great mood.

Press service of the University "Syrdariya"

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