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Thank you very much, Teacher!

Every year, according to tradition, the celebration of Teacher's Day is held in our university. On the initiative of the Faculty of "Natural Science and Mathematics" a festive evening was held "Thank you very much, Teacher." Rector of the University, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Dayirbekov S.S. congratulated teachers on this significant holiday.

On the festive evening, music for the teacher sounded, and the dances were performed by beauties.
Young people with warmth read creative poetry poems that showed respect to the teacher. The winner of the 2017 "Miss Syrdariya" title, Toktakul Ulbosyn and Karim Maksat, performed the song "Teacher", which made a great impression on the audience. The beauties of the faculty performed the dance "Khorezm".
At the end of the evening, university teachers were awarded the song "Teacher" performed by students.

Press service of the University "Syrdariya"

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