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Song and fashion parade

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the University "Syrdariya" on November 2, 2017, the Faculty "Art" organized a creative evening "Song and fashion parade".

Teachers and students of the faculty in connection with the onset of the spiritual revival of civilization, at a festive concert presented new songs, and also introduced all present to the latest trends in the world fashion. The
Creative evening in the palace of students "Kazakhstan" was opened with songs and dances by the following performers: Orynbai Adilbek sang the song "Bolalyk shak", Askar Azamat performed the song "Mahabbatim meni", Ermanova Madina and Zharkynbek Balnur performed the song "Sen", Boranbai Bekzat and Konysbek Arailym performed the song "Ekige zhurek bolinip", Shynybai Nirdaulet performed the song "Kalanyn sululary", as well as the dancing group "Nazerke" performed the Spanish dance.

In the direction of fashion, Zhuldyz Akylbekovna's teachers presented the classical style "Glamor", Altynay Karabekovna - "Illusion", and Altynay Karabekovna performed "Autumn in the Classical and National Style", "Autumn Exclamation", Balzhan Bektimirovna presented avant-garde style "The Limit of Fantasy" the teacher Zhanar Suttybaeva shows the classical style of "Glamor".

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