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Celebration of students

On October 19, 2017 a festive evening was held, dedicated to the tradition of dedicating first-year students to the ranks of 1st-year students.

The festive event was opened by the rector of the University, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor S.Dayirbekov with the speech: "Dear students, this is your holiday .You are enrolled in the ranks of students on the eve of the 20th anniversary of our university."

...... Work, do not be afraid, do not get tired. Life is not just an education. Life is about upbringing and respect, "the rector told the young generation, wishing them a good beginning and passing on a symbolic student's book and educational key.

The festive evening continued with students' performances: Isgandirov Nurgis and Orynbai Adilbek performed the songs "Belgisіz zhan", Sadybek Laura performed "Me too", "Touchan zher", and the dancing group "Nazerke" gave the audience a good mood.

A feature of the annual event was the active participation of first-year students in the evening, and the songs were performed in a lively voice. Such activities, which will promote the activation of youth activity, will be fruitful.

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