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Sport brings us together

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the University of "Syrdariya", from January 16 to 19, sports contests "Sport brings us together" were held among the teachers and employees of the University.

In the struggle participated 5 teams: "Kulager" - the team of the Faculty of "Humanitarian education", "Sunkar" - the team of the faculty "Natural science and mathematics", "Oner kyrandary" team of the faculty "Art", "Sirdariya Arlans" - a team of departments of the university, "Alau" is a team of the university administration.

At the opening ceremony of the competition, the rector of the university, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor S.S. Daiyrbekov spoke about the essence and significance of the sporting event and wished all the participants good luck.
The first kind of sports games is the relay race. Participants were required to pass the obstacle course, and then throw the ball into the basketball basket.

On the second day of the competition teams participate in basketball, on the third day they play football, on the fourth day - a table tennis.
At the conclusion of the competition, all the winners were announced. The following teams showed the results:
By Relay:
1 place - team "Sunkar" of the faculty "Natural science and mathematics";
2nd place - team "Oner kyrandary" of the faculty "Art";
3 place - team "Syrdariya Arlans", consisting of structural divisions of the university.

In the competition held in basketball, the 1st place was taken by the team "Syrdariya Arlans", the second place was taken by the team "Oner kyrandary" of the Faculty of Arts and the "Sunkar" team of the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics.

The university rector thanked all the team members for their participation and wished them every success. During the year, all our colleagues actively participate in various sports competitions, their intentions to win a team spirit, which is not only a sport, but also a necessary quality.


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