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The transition to the Latin alphabet is a requirement of the time

One of the issues of spiritual renewal is the transition to the Latin alphabet. To this end, on September 15, 2017, the Department of Education and Social Affairs organized a meeting with university professors and students.

Vice-rector for education and social issues Tlenchieva N.S. opened the meeting, presenting the invited guests with students and teachers, and then she made a presentation: "The issue of transition to the Latin alphabet", raised in the article of the Head of State.
The words were: "We must think about what to do to achieve this goal." It's easy to say that we will write Latin, and we need to take big steps to implement it. "What do you need to do?

First, you need to analyze the transition to the Latin schedule. Then we need to analyze and study the texts, methodology and legal management of the text. Secondly, some say that with the help of a computer you can translate all the world-wide material into the Latin alphabet. I do not think this is the easiest way.

Then her opinion on the Latin alphabet was expressed by the associate professor of the department "Kazakh language and literature", candidate of philological sciences Abenova Lyazzat Usmanovna. Speaking about the features and differences in the transition to the new alphabet, she says: "Today the Cyrillic alphabet is used by only 12 countries of the world, and most other countries use the Latin alphabet." A simple example is a cell phone, in which the Latin alphabet is often used, and the Cyrillic alphabet it is difficult to translate texts".

At the end of the speech Abenova L.U. explained that there are 34 somnels in the whole Turkic world, and now it is necessary to specify which choice should be chosen: "Today more than 5 million Kazakhs live around the world, of which 80 percent use the Latin alphabet." So if we go to the Latin alphabet in future it will allow us to get closer.
Speaking about the main problem in modern society, the audience was very impressed.

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