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Education begins with the order

At September 15, was held a meeting to prevent the violation of the rights of children and adolescents and to prevent the growth of juvenile delinquency.

The meeting was opened by the rector of the university, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Daiyrbekov S.S., he spoke with words: "Today, the main task of the society is to prevent violations of children and adolescents, we need to prevent the growth of juvenile delinquency." The prosecutor of the Maktaaral district also spoke, who said that this issue is currently one of the topical issues.

In Kazakhstan, according to modern legislation, minors are forbidden to sit at night in computer clubs after 22.00, and also go out after 23.00 without permission from their parents and their identity card. In the speech of the prosecutor of the Maktaral region Nurgali Shekerbekuly spoke about the great importance of each person's education, about correct behavior, about regulation of free time for young people. All this contributes to reducing crime and delinquency among adolescents.

The purpose of this meeting was to explain to students innovations and changes in the judicial system, ways to combat corruption and methods of fighting corruption. The
During the event, students were told about the work of the court, its main principles and objectives, as well as about changes in the judicial system. During the meeting, students asked their questions and exchanged opinions with industry experts. The
Rector of the University Daiyrbekov S.S. delivered a speech and urged young people to become active and exemplary citizens of an independent country.

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